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Anyone ele's game take an unusually long time to download? (Archived)xxxRemmyxxx48/31/2012
This is by far the hardest of the original RE... I love it (Archived)
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Survival horror has frustrated the players over time...... (Archived)adathespy38/6/2012
Gulp Worm and the Lighter (Archived)
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Game ruining design fault (Archived)
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Since I haven't played this game for soooooooooooooooo long, so............ (Archived)adathespy57/22/2012
SPOILERS What exploiting tactics have you applied in situations? (Archived)osboes27/22/2012
Let's talk about the lone inaccessible zombie you see from above when (SPOILERS) (Archived)DarkeLocke26/24/2012
Game save (Archived)Chig7716/1/2012
Chris's eyes. (Archived)MakoChanX25/17/2012
Is this collection only available on the Playstation store? (Archived)shotgunheadshot45/8/2012
Am I on the right track to obtain an A rank (time-wise)? (Archived)Chems191975/1/2012
I just downloaded this game and my screen went from 1080i to 480i. (Archived)J_K_GUNS24/29/2012
You can't back it up? (Archived)adathespy54/12/2012
New Gen capcom (Archived)celong2774/10/2012
no platinum trophy (Archived)MKWARRIOR200024/8/2012
which version should buy? the xbox 360 or ps3 (Archived)B-boy44/3/2012
need some help please! (Archived)HardcoreGamer7B63/31/2012
Just picked this up for 10 bucks (Archived)FF8vsEverything33/12/2012
Plane tyrant.. Is murdering me.. (Archived)
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