S+ tips? Also, security cameras

#112ehstevePosted 5/3/2012 9:06:11 AM
I've read a few varying tips on getting an S+ rank. The general concensus is to attempt starting a new campaign on Pro and exit game reload any time you die so as to increase the odds.

Also, I know you don't need S ranks on all criteria (one miss is generally allowed) but you should really focus on trying to obliterate at least one of the criteria (example: 10 mins faster than target). My question is, for those who've gotten S+ ranks is what can you recommend for any other tips? Weapon/team combos that worked for you, strategies like collecting tons of data and not worrying so much about time or vice versa.

Finally, other than exp. how much does taking out the cameras really help in terms of going for a S+ rank?
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#2MidMorningSolPosted 5/3/2012 11:24:35 AM
I heard that cameras help boost XP to the S+ score. So it doesn't hurt to shoot them if you see them. There have been people who haven't shot a camera and got the S+. But don't go out of your way to get every camera. I did shoot nearly half of the cameras in each mission. They only help boost your score. Yes, you should try to really excel in at least one of the categories. My category is intel. I always collected ALL the intel in the mission. Maybe kills came in second.

Like you've mentioned if you die press start and exit the game then go back into it. But do this only for Campaign. Not free-play. If you finished the mission and viewed your score you can press the Xbox guide button and restart the game if you didn't get the S+. You would start at the last checkpoint and review what you did wrong.

Pause the game and look at videos for intel as time does not count against you while your session is paused. Also you wouldn't have to use Spectre, you could use someone else better suited for the mission.

It just depends on how you do in the missions. I've gotten the great success achievement solo using the restart exploits. Still was difficult as the expendable mission was a pain in the you know what.

I'll be doing this again for PS3 (to get the platinum) so if I find anything new, I'll post it for new strats.

Good luck! : 3
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Thanks for the tips!

I've gotten all S ranks on Vet so I figure a little more push and should get the S+
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#4MidMorningSolPosted 5/3/2012 11:36:11 AM
^No problem! : )

Yeah, do it on Professional. You'll get a bit more room to breathe for grading. I've only gotten an S+ on the Nemmy mission on Veteran. I tried multiple times with on expendable. All S's and no dice. Then when I did it on Professional two A's two S's and I get the S+. Yeaaaah. Not gonna argue with that one. Whatever. LOL.
#5SinisterSynPosted 5/3/2012 5:41:24 PM
As for weapons, I generally stuck with Riot Gun/Samurai Edge. People usually recommend Juggernaut, but I prefer the Riot Gun for the power/range, even if it has a lower ammo rating and doesn't reload as well. With Juggs, you tend to need to pump more ammo to get kills sometimes, unless you're really up close to them. For RG, you can generally still kill them from a good distance, so the ammo isn't really an issue since you would save ammo or break even, for the most part. If you're using Lupo for certain missions, the reloading isn't an issue either, since hers is super fast anyway. When you use the restarting trick, you can always change the weapon if something else is really better suited for the particular area, but usually it's fine to keep what you have.

I liked using Spectre for all missions except for maybe the last 3, just because it is super easy to just run right to the data/items instead of having to remember or look up their locations. He would be alright to use on mission 6 (?), but I ended up getting killed at the Ada part, so I switched to Lupo when I did for Super Soldier. Used Vector on 7 since his camouflage comes in handy on the sniper Leon section. For partners, Bertha is a no brainer. Otherwise, I would tend to keep Vector/Lupo in the mix, subbing in Four Eyes if it seemed to be a bad area for infections, though it never really came up to where I needed her (not that she would help me anyways, stupid AI...).
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So I started a Pro campaign for S+, was doing pretty good, got killed after the door blows in the first mission when HUNK goes in to talk to Berkin. I paused and hit Exit Game after the "You Are Dead" screen. But it started me off at the start of the mission, though I'm sure the "guard this door" part is a checkpoint....

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#7MidMorningSolPosted 5/7/2012 11:17:53 AM
Hmmm....are you sure it was campaign and not free-play? I can't think where the checkpoint could be.

I think you're right Steve, it should be a checkpoint before you open the door to get the cutscene. Erh, just try again from scratch. It shouldn't be too bad since you were only like ten minutes into that mission anyways.
#812ehsteve(Topic Creator)Posted 5/7/2012 11:44:13 AM
Yeah, started a fresh campaign specifically for S+ing Pro. Was using Spectre and forgot I was I on Pro and went blazing through the door after it blew open. Not used to not having Body Armor and not being on Vet, gunned down :(
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