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Spec Ops still $20?Kagami84212/13 10:57PM
looking for co cop campaign playersWeskerGel412/4 10:57PM
Any one still play this? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
trinitywill2411/9 6:53AM
worried about online (Archived)baraka27211/5 9:27AM
Help with the Supreme Survivors and Fallen Idols trophies. (Archived)cheko0910410/6 2:25PM
Campaign: Expendables Problem. (Archived)AdventAlchemist29/26 3:47AM
Campaign: End Of The Line Problem (Archived)AdventAlchemist29/24 10:29AM
Professional Playthrough/ Trophies?! (Archived)AdventAlchemist19/12 6:32PM
Looking for teamates for campaign.. Need help beating it on professional. (Archived)MMAFAN5237/3 4:26PM
I just got this game & looking for Teammates! (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Harker409126/19 8:28PM
Controller issues, when I hold down a button it's intermittent. (Archived)Wetboss46/19 8:22PM
Servers are dead? (Archived)EQOAnostalgia26/19 8:20PM
25 drops of the g-virus (Archived)resevl4rlz16/7 12:57PM
Meet the gay soldier you didn't know was in RE:ORC (Archived)WWP775/12 8:53AM
Anyone want to do the Spec Ops dlc with me? (Archived)Da-Wei25/6 7:13AM
Beware, I Live! (Archived)DomineaSanthana14/30 9:04PM
reviving teammates after they turn to zombie and you kill them (Archived)aniversary34/30 5:06PM
if USS campaign would have been dlc. and Spec Ops the main game (Archived)aniversary34/29 9:07AM
Anyone care to do some small private matches? 1v1? (Archived)DomineaSanthana14/27 11:03PM
Just got this game new for $15 at GameStop. (Archived)blackthunder32964/27 10:37PM
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