the end justifies the means ??? really??

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3 years ago#1
after playing verus numerous time, i am really disappointed lots of other users' gameplay or strategy

i don't mind losing but "camping" is really annoying. yeah, they might win all the time, if all of them stick together in a SMALL room. it is almost impossible to go in and kill any of them.... then again, i shouldn't have high hope with online gameplay these days, afterall everyone likes to play "camping"... sigh!!

i can blame the glitch and others for ain't fun play verus anymore
3 years ago#2
Trust me, you're not the only one who feels the same way too. I also hate those kinds of cheap tactics. I say good teamwork will take those campers down easily. But I am aware that good teamwork might be a little hard to pull off, especially when you're playing against strangers with no mics.

I feel your pain though, TC. Versus does get annoying and frustrating when you're playing against those kinds of people. Not much I can say.
3 years ago#3
i just encounter this core group of player -- two sniper on the top roof and two are hiding along the staircase. gosh, i tried to snipe but manage to kill one before the other take me out. I try another tactics [run across the rooftop], but it fails b/c all the other player are standing either above the staircase or along the hallway. it is almost impossible to get in and to kill any one of them. i understand that this is "teamwork", but if that 's how to win, it gets pretty boring and no fun.

no idea how to defeat those players when none of my group has mic -- "stop running in the hallway by yourself...." [that 's what i really want to say...sigh!!"

after playing 5 rounds and lose badly, i finally give up and go down to basement and release all of my anger to my punching bag :)
3 years ago#4
If you're playing team attack then you have no need to go inside. Goal of the game is to get the most points. I'm sure that room they camp in won't be full of zombie for easy points.
3 years ago#5
3 years ago#6
last time I checked small rooms/areas packed with enemies were extremely vulnerable to explosives.
3 years ago#7
yes...IF everyone charge in and play as a team, it CAN work.... but with no mic and no teamwork, good luck... i can kill one and get the other 3 kill on me within a sec.....
3 years ago#8
camping cracks me up. If the other team is camping, we just run around and shoot all the zombies and bows and rack up the points and then charge the room they camp in, even if we all die we still finish with more points and win the round
New Zealand was the only undefeated team at the world cup
3 years ago#9
the best way to take them out is charge as a group - lupo up front - supersoldier, beltway on one side throwing mines, four eyes on the other with the attract pheronome, bertha at the back stacked with aid sprays and boosting us all with painkillers.

Works every time
New Zealand was the only undefeated team at the world cup
3 years ago#10
"Yeah, that's the only way you can win you camping noob with your sinper rifle!"

And I just sit there and go, "What?" What the hell do people expect snipers to do? Run around and gut shot?

Seriously, camping is a valid strategy. Just because you can't get around it doesn't make it cheap. It's like zoning in fighting games. You suck because you can't get to the opponent. Learn how to get around them rather then complain about it.
And that's how you win in heroes mode. You stick together as a team and wait out as the opponents try to come at you one at a time.

Hell this is Beltway's ENTIRE STRATEGY!
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  3. the end justifies the means ??? really??

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