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4 years ago#1
I don't even know HOW to search for something like this, basically, I'm wondering, what happens if you streetpass a certain Mii again WITHOUT having started up the plaza?

I streetpassed 3 miis today, it occurred to me that I could probably (increase the chances) get certain achievements, such as meeting 5 male miis in a row, if I simply don't enter the plaza until after I've gotten a certain amount of mii's built up.

So if I streetpass this mii that I've passed 9 times (the next time would be the tenth) AGAIN WITHOUT entering the plaza, what happens? Will it recognize that its been the 10th time? I'd be missing out on a puzzle piece and the chance to use that PARTICULAR mii though right? Is this too hard to follow?...

Theres lots of conflicted reasons, which is why I'm asking. X_X;
Confirming something IS different than having an opinion!
4 years ago#2
If you streetpass the same Mii without having entered your plaza, then that Mii will high-five your Mii twice at the gate. You will miss out on a chance to use the Mii in Puzzle Swap and Find Mii though.

For example, you meet a new Mii. Then, eight hours later at the earliest, you pass them again. Now enter your plaza. The Mii will high-five you twice. This Mii will now begin at level 2 for Find Mii. You will only be able to use it once in Puzzle Swap and Find Mii instead of two times had you entered your plaza first.

There is a strict limit of 10 streetpasses. This means you can meet one Mii 10 times or 10 separate Miis. After reaching 10 streetpasses, you will be unable to get further streetpasses until you first clear the gate. You can see how many you have by checking your notifications from the home menu. It will show X/10 where X is the number of streetpasses you received.

This is one way to get the 5 same gender Miis in a row or 3 using same software accomplishments. If you are concerned about controlling the Mii order, I suggest that you disable Wifi before tagging with a store demo unit so you can set up the exact gender/color/software used Mii that you need. Alternatively, you can pick a new region and simply not agree to the user agreement. You won't be able to use the Mii Plaza until you agree to it.

Easiest method is to use a second 3DS. If you reformat a 3DS, you can bypass the 8 hour restriction on streetpassing. It averages about 4 min to set up a new 3DS, tag it, and reformat again. By doing this, you can get 5 Miis (male/female) in under half an hour. You can even get the 100 streetpasses in a day accomplishment by doing this (I have personally verified this as I reformatted two 3DS units 50 times each for close to 5 hours).
4 years ago#3
Eh, yeah, I don't have a second 3ds, otherwise, I wouldn't be asking this. X_X;
Confirming something IS different than having an opinion!
4 years ago#4
Borrow a friend's or just buy a preowned 3DS system from GameStop. You have 7 days to return it to them for a full refund which is plenty of time for your purposes.

The following list is all you need to run through Find Mii & Find Mii II with ease.
2 level 7 red
2 level 7 blue
2 level 1 yellow
1 level 1 white
1 level 1 black
1 level 1 light blue
Lots of playcoins.
4 years ago#5
I don't know anyone with a 3ds, and that other thing is kinda sleazy...

Besides that, don't you need level 7 mii's for shields? (which should be yellow, light blue, and white with black?)
Confirming something IS different than having an opinion!
4 years ago#6
Level is irrelevant for breaking a shield. You only need to have the correct color Mii. If you don't want to break the shield, you can use magic to hurt the enemy instead.

For the dazzling, dark, fiery, poisonous, and icy rooms in FM2, it is better to use level 1 Miis since they leave immediately after casting their spell.

My list above covers the various types of rooms in FM2
Dazzling - need 1 black Mii
Dark - need 1 white Mii
Fiery - need 2 blue Miis in lineup. Do NOT need to be consecutive. Do not confuse this color with light blue.
Poisonous - need 2 yellow Miis in lineup. Do NOT need to be consecutive.
Icy - need 2 red Miis in lineup. Do NOT need to be consecutive.

Find Mii only has yellow and light blue shields.
Find Mii 2 has yellow & light blue shields. They introduce a third type, shadowlight, which requires you to create a team of white/black or black/white Miis in order to break it.

I suggest using two level 7 red as a team up since they pretty much destroy anything in your way. A level 15 red team is capable of running through Find Mii II regular quest from start (top path) all the way up to the fiery room in one go.
4 years ago#7
Yeah, my point was, a level 7 yellow mii will break a yellow shield AND do massive damage to said enemy (if not outright killing it?...how much hp do they have?)

But your point is that this is trivial yes?
Confirming something IS different than having an opinion!
4 years ago#8
Couldn't answer TC's questions but checked the thread as interested - Dark Toshi - your answers have helped me and you give very good advice.
(Now I know why one of my Mii's gave me a high five)

- I sorta bull doze my way through this game without thinking too much - I've been using 2 dark blue level 7 Mii's, so I'll try with two red.

When I've been at a game exhibition or something of that sort - where you get a lot of streetpasses altogether
- I get 10 - and there is a pink arrow saying I have more waiting - so I clear my 10 and then go immediately to the arrow and pick up the next 10
- I think the console can collect and store more than 10 passes at time?
I know you have to use the 10 before you can get at the next set, but not sure what the console is actually doing.
4 years ago#9
katysu, blue magic and red magic are similar but I use red because of two advantages over blue:

1. All 4 types of mummies are weak to red magic.
2. Blue ghost that uses mirage magic is weak to red magic.

In Find Mii II, you can easily pass the rooms with the blue ghost that uses mirage magic by simply using red team level 7 or higher. This is not the case for blue magic since blue ghosts are immune to it.

Regarding the plaza, you can have 10 newly arrived Miis in the plaza and then 10 additional ones waiting at the gate. You cannot, however, have 11 at the gate. What happened in your case was that as the first 10 Miis were being processed through your gate, you had received additional streetpasses. Then, after the last Mii went through the gate, you were notified by the appearance of the pink arrow.
4 years ago#10
Ah thank you for the info about the blue ghost & its mirage - I always get stuck there & I waste my heros - right will move them into red jackets.

I know once I change their jacket colour, to go back into Mii plaza to 'register' the change (I didn't know that for a long time) before streetpassing again.

I love it when I get wave after wave of streepasses (yes 10 or less at a time) - last time was at an anime comic exhibition, but I didn't manage 100 (just under).
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