Mii Force Weapons

#1Nesyaj0Posted 7/12/2013 7:24:59 PM
So I know your Favorite color causes the weapon to change, does anyone have a list for that yet?
#2SNaHHaNPosted 7/12/2013 7:51:59 PM
Red: Flamethrower weapon
Green: Bouncing balls (best used by reflecting off ground or objects then hitting the enemy)
Purple: Not pressing the A button will charge your weapon, and it'll send off a slow-moving bubble that will damage enemies. Without charging the weapon, pressing the A button will fire off little laser beams.
#3BrodiusPosted 7/12/2013 8:06:23 PM
Blue is homing I believe. It's my favourite.
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#4cyberthatoPosted 7/12/2013 8:44:54 PM
white is a saw (destroys bullets)
light green is an energy lash (holds onto enemies)
light blue is a sonic attack (attacks forward with some spread)
Black are bombs that explode on contact but low fire rate
#5akwan_tarotPosted 7/12/2013 9:08:36 PM

This game is quite fun, with all these very different weapons.
The best game among the four IMO.
#6silktailPosted 7/12/2013 9:13:34 PM
Orange is a laser which goes through multiple enemies.
Yellow is a lightning attack which splits in both directions when it hits. (I.e. lesser shots at 90 degrees)
Pink is a blob which moves around surfaces (useful to hit a guarded weak spot).
Brown is spikes which protects that side of your ship. (As well as shooting them, you can ram straight into enemies.)

Note: I forget the effects of upgrading all the weapons types. Although at full power Brown's spikes protect from shots as well.
#7WickedRoguePosted 7/13/2013 1:39:26 AM
How do you upgrade? I keep running into Red and Blue Mii's.
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#8silktailPosted 7/13/2013 5:58:52 AM
How do you upgrade? I keep running into Red and Blue Mii's.

When you put (only) one Mii in a weapon slot you can fire their Lv.1 shot.
If you then put extra Miis in the slots behind that Mii, then their weapon will increase in level (instead of giving you another weapon).

E.g. If you have 3 Light Blue Miis, then you can either:
- Fill three different weapon slots to fire 3 Lv.1 wave shots.
- Fill one row of a weapon to fire 1 Lv.3 wave shot. (More useful against a single tough enemy.)

Note: You can press the touch screen at any time to (pause and) rearrange your Miis (swap weapons & which are upgraded). You can also rotate your aim whilst doing so.
#9gunarm_dynePosted 7/13/2013 8:39:21 AM
One nice little touch I noticed during the 1-2 boss is that the light blue wave shots destroy fireballs.
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#10akwan_tarotPosted 7/13/2013 9:29:55 AM
In many stages, a certain weapon will have special utility or advantage.

e.g. 3-1, it really helps to have level 3 grapple beam (yellow green), so that you can destroy enemies and pick up gems through walls.

2-3, any non-boss mouthful enemy which eats a bomb (black) will die instantly, and it is also highly effective against the boss (to the extent that even with level 1 bomb alone, the boss can be beaten quite easily).