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Do you feel that Plaza Premium is worth the asking price? (Poll)
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My 3DS keeps telling me there's a new puzzle, but one isn't appearing...Brodius24/23 4:22PM
The wife left the dad in the fishing game, that's pretty dark
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mcnichoj134/23 4:01PM
Idea: We should be able to see a list of all regions in a mapless country.DreamwaIker84/23 2:31PM
Catching A+ fishAnimaniac2474/23 2:07PM
Does anyone remember what the rod stats do in the Fishing game?
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Can you send more than one Mii in Streetpass?Viexi94/23 12:46PM
Caroline is so cute.Chenmaster234/23 11:54AM
Did anyone encountered a Special Mii? I encountered one today!Linkz194/23 7:47AM
There are no Size C or bigger alligator snapping turtles.DreamwaIker64/23 1:33AM
Rare Zombie in Food Court ShowdownSyraz24/22 11:04PM
Battleground Z - Car park rare zombie?baroness_praxis94/22 7:12PM
I got a Mii from China which doesn't say his Chinese name (streetpass) (Archived)Linkz134/22 4:36PM
Holy crap feeding frenzies are crazy (Archived)
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In Ultimate Angler is there a guide to what island to choose depending on bait? (Archived)teraharris44/22 10:28AM
Can't do a no-damage run on MF 5-3 (Archived)DanaDoo1224/22 9:38AM
Does it make you have only six games? (Archived)piranhapete44/22 9:16AM
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Ultimate Angler Fishing Rods (Archived)11001064/22 4:56AM
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