WIll this support Xbox 360 Controller?

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3 years ago#1
I see it is available for prepurchase in Steam but it don“t say it will be compatible with a controller.

If it is not well... it“s their loss, same rason I didn“t bought MW3 on PC.
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3 years ago#2

Im pretty sure it will since most PC capcom games do. Even if it doesnt you can download software to map keyboard controls to the controller and play that way. 

3 years ago#3
There's an awesome program called: "x360ce.exe". It will allow you to use other style controllers like PS3 and Generic USB controllers for games designed as 360 compatible. Figured I'd throw it out there for others who stumble on this thread with non 360 controllers. This is the best "freeware" program I've used thus far.

Make a master folder with "x360ce.exe" in it. (Unzip/UnRAR it to that folder)

Copy and paste "x360ce.exe" to the game's .exe folder. (NOT the Launcher's folder!!)

Run "x360ce.exe" from the game's folder.

It *should* install "xinput1_3.dll" to the same folder by default.

Map all the keys as you see fit, adjust the dead zone AFTER everything is working.

Under "Settings Database" tab, MAKE SURE you have the game you're trying to play selected, then save. (It may crash selecting that TAB if you are offline)

Start the game. If the controls don't respond, or the game itself doesn't Auto Detect an "xbox360" controller, try one of the other xinput.dll's from the options tab in x360ce. (Also, some games need to be ran, then under it's option settings, a "Game Pad" or xbox 360 controller needs to be selected from a menu for everything to work)

Also, make sure your computer has recognized that a controller is hooked up.
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3 years ago#4
The game reads a 360 controller just fine. Aiming seems a bit floaty, but that might just be the game itself.
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3 years ago#5
It's 360 pad compatible, as most games are for PC nowadays.
3 years ago#6
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