Cutter + SwiftStrike Buckler?

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5 years ago#1
Would the cutter benefit from faster attack speed, or is there a speed cap? I have a cutter, and my friend can craft the SwiftStrike buckler, so I was thinking of getting him to craft me one... but I don't want to shell out the 200 energy and end up with a useless, and weaker shield and 200 energy gone to waste.

Does anyone have personal experience with this combo?
5 years ago#2
I've never used the combo before, but considering how fast the cutter line already is, I doubt you would even notice the increase in speed. It would be more useful with the heavier/slower swords. Also, it might not even be worth it, since you can't upgrade it.
XBL GT: Psych0X
5 years ago#3
You don't really need more attack speed with a Cutter, it's fast enough already. It is pretty awesome though - I have a high AS Dread Venom Striker and when combined with Swiftstrike Buckler, the speed is really insane.

I'd recommend getting a Swiftstrike anyway, it's hella useful for anything that's not a bomb, and especially if you're planning on using the Avenger or Faust.
5 years ago#4
I went ahead and got it. Recorded 60fps with fraps before and after. Before a full swing was roughly 2.75 seconds. After it was almost 2 seconds on the dot. Quite the improvement and in fact it was noticeable before I even crunched the numbers.
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