Two Quest Questions

#1AndriusPosted 3/22/2012 9:12:47 PM
I'm in campaign 3-2, and there's a pair of quests I can't figure out. Specifically The Saboteur and Lost Souls. Saboteur is where I take over an island from Thor Strindberg and have to capture and turn him over. I took over the island just fine, but how am I supposed to find the guy? And for The Lost, I saw a few guys walking around those ruins, clicked them and now they're in my warehouse, but all I saw was four of them, no more. So what am I supposed to do here for these two quests?
#2hairmeisterPosted 3/27/2012 10:43:25 AM
Firstly, I think this topic could have used some spoiler alerts, but as I've already done this I guess I got away with it.

Anyway, as to your question I think Thor is already in the items tab of the warehouse, you dno't have to find him. Don't remember exactly what the Lost is although I'm gonna guess it's that one where there are people on the island to the south. I don't understand why they aren't there though, when I did it they were all in a small area.
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#3BlackDragonPosted 4/18/2012 2:11:59 AM
Both of those are 'picture search' type missions. You get plenty of those in 'normal' play too. Basically, you're supposed to look for little guys surrounded by a blue aura walking around the specified area. In 'The Lost', there are no other people around BUT the targets, so that one's easy - if you can't see 'em, that just means that they're hiding behind buildings or the scenery. Rotate the camera to spot the holdouts. (X and Y are used for that by default, which is stupid.) For the one where you have to find Thor, that's closer to a 'normal' search-mission - he's gonna be somewhere on the island, mixed in with the normal citizens. Just look for the blue-glowy person, using camera-rotation as necessary. Oh, and using 'slo-mo' makes it easier to spot a single person - just hold down the 'minus' button while looking through the city.
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