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3 years ago#1
When I first saw info about the pawns and everything for this game, I thought "Cool, but, where have I seen this before?"

Then just today, it hit me like a bullet

For those of you who have played Dragon Quest 9 for the NDS, don't you think the pawn system is a bit like DQ9's party system? In which you create your party members and pick their classes?

Only thing though, DQ9's class system was much more versatile, seeing as party members could actually be hybrid classes, plus DQ9's class system was the **** anyway, being able to master a weapon type, which let you use that weapon on a class that normally doesn't use that weapon, spells carrying over with all classes
Cuz in DQ9, my party was MC speed warrior(maxed out warrior class, then thief) with a magic warrior, a healing thief, and a warrior armamentalist for the lulz

In fact, learning that has compelled me to remake my party in this one, YAY
That means Mathias and his best bro Jack The Ripper are gonna tear through dat dragon while getting all the ladies

Also this is compelling me to make an Aquila. . .
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3 years ago#2
Great, now I want to play DQ9.
3 years ago#3
Dragon quest 9 was amazing. Good memories. Loved the grottos, ingredents and enemies on screen. And also on the ds! Amazing the little handheld put out for all that.
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