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3 years ago#1
Post pictures of famous ir not so famous rangers so we can create them on the game. If you already have a pawn or a main ranger character, post pictures!!!

This is what I am making. http://images.wikia.com/rangersapprenticerh/images/7/7e/Halt.jpg
3 years ago#2
No one likes rangers?

Here are some pics


Also are hoods confirmed?
3 years ago#3
3 years ago#4
I love rangers, but mine is Claire Redfield so I can't really contribute :(
.:The Fatal Four:.
3 years ago#5
This game will be my long awaited ranger fix
3 years ago#6
I can't find any good Ranger gameplay. Lots OS Assassin and Strider though.
Fons sapientiae, verbum Dei.
3 years ago#7
The only gameplay ive seen is on the official site.
3 years ago#8
You left out the best one..

3 years ago#9
No Robin Hood!? you so called ranger fanatiqs make me sick
3 years ago#10
I generally dislike Rangers in fantasy, but I got to admit that you guys are doing a pretty good job converting me.
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