When does Madeline ask for an Idol?

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4 years ago#1
So I've attempted some search fu and I've even waited around a bit, hoping that this question would be asked/answered or I would figure it out myself, but I guess not.

So my dilemma goes something like this:

I have a Bronze Idol. I had a Silver Idol. I have a Gold Idol.

Now when Claxton asked me for an idol, I first went and grabbed the bronze one before finding out that the quality of the idol affects the quality of the items, sooo I decided to hang on to it. Now while I was still trying to discover how to make Fournival happy so I could cop the Gold Idol, Barnaby from the pawn guild calls me up and says to go two-piece a cyclops out in the boonies and a Silver Idol will be my reward.

So I run out, two-piece the cyclops, get my reward, and come on back to town. At this point I assume in my head, "If I give Claxton the Silver Idol now, I can give him the GoId Idol later." And instead of saving first and testing it with the two lesser idols I had in hand, I just up and give this man the Silver Idol. Immediately after doing so, I run to Fournival's house and NOW he wants me to baby sit his little accident.

So I babysit the heck out of this brat, get the Gold Idol, run back to Claxton to try and give it to him, hit X and the only things I can give him are.... some random irrelevant to me items that aren't idols.

I didn't escort Madeline in the beginning (I didn't know she existed to I went to the inn one day and saw her there), and she isn't asking me for anything. So now what do I do? I want those dope items D:
4 years ago#2
How did you get the gold idol? I let her win the race and everything, and she gave me an empty flask .__.
4 years ago#3
Find her ASAP in hide n seek.

Get her water AS SOON as she asks (I had a flask on hand).

Let her win the race (but stay close to be safe). She asks for you not to hold back, so I just jogged right behind her to be sure.
4 years ago#4
Well, I did all that except with the water, I ran back to the shop and purchased a bottle of it and brought it back asap.
4 years ago#5
There was a line at the shop, wasn't there?

Lame jokes a side, I dunno what happened then. Maybe I got lucky at Hide 'n Seek? She was in the inn for me so I literally found her in about 2-3 seconds.
4 years ago#6
Yeah I found her instantly, I read where she was ahead of time. Maybe theres 99% chance or the idol and 1% chance for the empty bottle of water that you gave her .__.
4 years ago#7
With that being said, do I "gift" the idol or no? Because I have a silver idol, and Caxton never asked for it like he did the bronze, however, Madeliene DID ask for an idol, non specified, and I have a quest to give it to her, the thing is, when I went t give it to her, the gaurds were after her, so she fled the city, took more money from me, and said I'll find her somewhere else, with a new shop. Still have no idea where to find her.
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