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So questions about the dukes wife's room( Spoilers)

#1writtenoncloudsPosted 5/27/2012 11:10:06 PM
When you go too see her at midnight and the duke comes in and starts choking her my options are too attack him? or just stay hidden? What happens?
#2SlaykenPosted 5/27/2012 11:16:19 PM
You fail the quest. Not sure if she is permanently dead, I had loaded a checkpoint after seeing what happened.
#3writtenonclouds(Topic Creator)Posted 5/27/2012 11:19:48 PM
Does she die if I don't do anything?
#4OwwlyPosted 5/28/2012 12:22:24 AM
I know that if you walk up to the Duke, you get thrown in Jail and whipped o.O