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Question about Warrior augment "Ferocity"

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4 years ago#1
the description says "Increases the lethality of your core skills"

so i'm assuming that, like most augments, it will work with any class, but does anyone know what exactly it does? does it increase the damage of your attacks? and if so, since it specifies "core skills" does that only include your regular light and heavy attacks?

any information on this would be appreciated

also, does anyone know of any classes that get augments that will outright increase your strength? and at what class rank you get it?
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4 years ago#2
Warrior gets one that mutliplies strength by 1.2, adding 20%.
Forget when you get it or what it's called, however you might already know of it since you ask about warrior.

If you meant carry weight, fighter gets one for 10 wt
4 years ago#3
Warrior core skills:
Controlled Fall

So, basically just your melee attacks and their upgraded variants, no special abilities.
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  3. Question about Warrior augment "Ferocity"

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