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4 years ago#1
Just to add my 5p to the bonfire, but I came up with a theory after my 3rd crunch playthrough of the game.

I believe that the last person you talk to with max affinity before going off to punch the dragon in the face becomes the person in the chamber for the sacrfice choice and mini-ending, also whoever is the last person you talk to before jumping into the rift is also the person who finds your pawn up on the beach.

My reasoning?

1st (normal) playthrough. Talked to Selene before I left for the dragon to get some pots, she showed up in the chamber. End game talked ot Quina before I jumped into the rift, she was on the beach, not Selene.

2nd (crunch) playthrough. Talked to Madeleine both times and she was there.

3rd (crunch) playthrough. Only really talked to the innkeeper and he was there.

Anyone can confirm or deny this theory?

p.s. Also to lower your affinity with anyone, just kill them directly ^^
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4 years ago#2
anyone can confirm that.

would like to know too...
4 years ago#3
I really don't think this is true.
I maxed out Madeline's affinity and talked to her before the duchess (She was actually supposed to be dead in the Manse) and in the Chamber, the Duchess appeared and for whatever reason, Quina was on the beach, not talking to her since i first journeyed to Heavanspeak Fort and found her in the isolated church.

Well i'll be sure to test again, nearly finished my second run through, will post asap with results.
4 years ago#4
It might also have to do with the Arisen's Bond, I know I gave mine to Alinore, but the last person I talked to before the dragon was the Dragonforged, after I gave him a bond. But Alinore was there. So whoever you give the bond to might be the one to show up, otherwise it might indeed take the last person with max affinity.
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4 years ago#5
I don't know about the person offered as a sacrifice but I can deny the second one (pawn on the beach). I had Selene with max affinity and she was the offering in my first playthrough. After the first credits rolled I spoke to her once and never did again. Needless to say I spoke with at least 10 other NPCs including the innkeeper, weaponsmith, and even Fournival. When my pawn showed up on the beach Selene was the one to find her.
4 years ago#6
This is confusing.

There needs to be an FAQ for it.
4 years ago#7
the person in the end can be just by talking to them or even doing quests for them the fat bald man that sells rare items was in the end for me and i was also a big guy character freaked me out a bit but the most common person in the end is usually the duchess because of the quests after you talk to her in the garden
4 years ago#8
Starting crunch playthrough number 4 now. Given a bond to Mercedes (I really just make them for fun now if I don't have anything more important to copy), so I'll see if my theory still holds water (at least for me) after I've finished.

Although it COULD be the last person with maximum affinity you talk to and whom you gave the bond to.
Cigarettes are like squirrels, neither are dangerous until you stick one in your mouth and set fire to it.
4 years ago#9
Okay, just finished crunch playthrough 4 and 5 (I love holidays) and can pretty much confirm (at least in my experience) that the last living person you talk to with max affinity is chosen as your love interest for the sake of the ending (which incidentally makes Mercedes/Julian a PiA to manage properly and the Duchess a little tricky)

The most "effective" method I've worked out to get who you want for the ending is during the post Dragon death world, to kill anybody with max affinity (the guards don't arrest you for randomly killing people in the streets now) and then finish the game. That way, your NG+ will have a clean slate on everybody but those you left alive.
Cigarettes are like squirrels, neither are dangerous until you stick one in your mouth and set fire to it.
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