A couple hours in...I'l admit that I have concerns...

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You realize that the DB can almost completly stop time, freeze you completly, and then cast a deadly storm, followed by continuous fire breath? If you get close he can use Fus Ro Dah, so if anything you're going to go flying off the cliff

Fire breath? Deadly Storm? Invisible and invincible.

Fus Ro Dah? Instant Reset.

You must have forgotten that the DB has Invisibility as well. Become Etheral ftw

Not infinitely. Arisen's invincibility will outlast Dragonborn's. Liquid Vims ftw.

Lore wise DB can shot all he wants and it should never run out, while the Arisen will run out of Stamina and curitives. I can't think of one Character from one video game that can beat the DB besides of course Goku

lulz DB can shout all he wants, while my assassin arisen cloaks and gets behind him, throws him over his shoulder, and feeds him to the Brine. No matter what the DB pulls, Arisen just Instant resets and cloaks for invincibility, and takes the DBs back. The DB is really bad at defending to the rear.
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Skyrim was a turd on a stick
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Ah... Classic GameFAQs.
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Skyrim was a turd on a stick

You LIE!!

There was no stick.
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omg i love seeing people argue about the jarl of whiterun when he says that he doesnt actually like the empire or the stormcloaks. he wants to stay out of it as long as humanly possible. he doesnt like the stormcloaks cause their leader killed the leader of skyrim. and he doesnt like the empire cause well they are kinda invading. so he would really prefer not to take sides and he says as much in the game.

second. on the note that the questlines were awesome in skyrim. wrong. the questlines were half the size of any previous elder scrolls game and were boring except for the mages guild. which was still too short to make a difference. the devs got lazy when it came to the quests for skyrim. anyone who thinks differently needs to go play morrowind and then oblivion.

third. technically the empire does persecute talos worshipers. because of the treaty they signed with the aldmeri dominion. ((the thalmor arnt even really players in this. they just represent the dominion to other governments.)) so by their own laws they are obligated to at the very least imprison any known talos worshipers. the thing is much of the empire worshiped talos before this. and so do not want to persecute fellow believers.

in the civil war. both sides are right and both sides are wrong. the real bad guys are the aldmeri dominion. whats happening is that treaty was a very good thing for them. it turned one of the empires biggest advantages.(skyrim) against the empire. so now instead of rebuilding for another go at them. they are dealing with that, and the new aldmeri dominion can gain more power and influence.

now. on the note of dragons dogma so as to at least somewhat stay on topic. the game is not one of those games where first impression or afew hours of playing it actually means anything. cause it doesnt actually start getting really good untill about half way through the main quest. and or till you start consistently fighting giant enemies. and if you want the game to be difficult right off the bat start as a mage.
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It's basically Devil May Cry in an RPG setting

No. No, not all.

Yes, very yes. It's the same style of combat, but with stats and leveling up. Also, the team that did Devil May Cry made this game >_>

no no no the combat in this game is not even close to DMC what the hell makes you think that? DMC is like 100 times more fast paced than this.
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First, the graphics go from just OK to downright bad. NPCs look flat out bad - honestly you cannot deny this.

Oh yes I freaking can. DD looks great. Prototype 1, Resonance of Fate, Enchanted Arms, Infinite Undiscovery, Dragon Age... Those games have bad graphics, and as would be expected because it's graphics aren't bad, DD looks significantly better then those games. Very, very better. You would have to play games like Uncharted 3 or Crysis 24/7 to even joke about DD graphics being bad, let alone saying such a thing seriously.
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TC here -

Wow, this thread got a little out of control with the Skyrim debate - certainly not my intention.

So, I started over with a new character last night and played the game with more of an open mind. I'm four or five hours in with my level 11 fighter and I'm starting to see what the game is all about. While many of my initial criticisms remain I have been albe to look past them and I am having a good time with this game. It does remind me of old school games - I kept thinking of playing Golden Axe in the arcade back in the late 80s for some reason (which is a good thing as I loved that game as a kid). My next task is to really get a grasp on managing my inventory and learning the leveling and skill system. Unfortunately I really won't be able to get back to this game until Wednesday but I'm looking forward to it.

Regarding my earlier graphics comments: the game does look pretty good when you get out into the world - but now that I've played the opening couple of hours twice in a row I will hold true to my opinion that the opening fishing town looks pretty bad in comparision with some other areas. It is almost has a tacked on and unfinished feel. I'm not 'graphics whore' but I was a little concerned that the entire game would look like that. I was pleased to find that it doesn't . If I was to suggest an improvement to the developers I would request having a stronger opening and a slightly more engrossing and unique story line next time - just my opinion, of course.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to leveling my guy and my mage pawn and joining into some discussions of this game -
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Always thought the game was find. Meus's are very easy to use. The only hard part for me was prolly remember to use start or select depending on what menu's I wanted.

Graphics, well to be honest never even noticed a shop is a big room with just a counter and shopkeeper in it. I dont really pay attnetion to details like that. I'm more of a landscape guy though. Even in a game like Skyrim that is very detailed I spend the least amount of time I can in the cities and be out in the wilds looking for those places I'd love to visit if they were real or a place I'd like to take a photo of if it was real.
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i love dragons dogma enough said
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