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4 years ago#1
Hello, so now I'm enjoying my MA but I'm trying to figure which are the best skills for it.

Currently I'm using for my bow:
Sixfold bolt (ice)
Hunter bolt (holy)
Explosive rivet (fire)

And for my daggers:
Hundred kisses
Grand ascension (holy)
Immolation (fire)

I think that sixfold is good for 1 hit kills, hunter for crowd control (although very weak) and rivet for big bosses although I don't like the fact that the rivets can't be triggered by another arrows.

For the daggers skills I think that hundred kisses is useful for bosses but they rely on physical attack so I'm not sure if it's better to use another elemental skill, grand ascension is good although it takes a while to cast it melts normal/mid foes and works good against bosses and immolation is very good and does a lot of damage.

I'm thinking about maybe switch some skills, I believe I can discard at least hunter bolt and hundred kisses for something else more useful.

I want to hear advice from some more experienced magic archers out there :)
Gamertag: darkspy1976
Pawn: Onorata
4 years ago#2
those three bow skills that you're using are the only 3 I ever roll with. And as long as you have 100 kisses and immolation you can use anything for your third dagger skill. You can deal with quite literally any situation with those three bow skills and they're all really powerful. Some would say to swap one of them for sacrificial bolt if that's your thing, but I either run with no pawns or I like having them around when I'm with them so I don't bother with it.
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4 years ago#3
don't know the english name of it but when you reach quite high magic stat, the skill that pulls off an arrow that goes from wall to wall in dungeons is GREAT.
4 years ago#4
My solo setup.

Hundred Kisses
Magick Rebalancer
Shadowshackle / Immolation

Sixfold Bolt
Great Warding Bolt / Funnel Bolt (?)
Great Sacrifice

I keep Hundred Kisses handy because you never know when ya need to jump on something and slash it.

Great Sac I use recklessly to make most of Autonomy
Warding Bolt for places I don't want to be debilitated
Shadow and Funnel for crowd control.
Magick Rebalancer i swap out for whatever. |Come on down for drinks and good company|
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4 years ago#5
My setup

Hundred Kisses

Sixfold Bolt
Hunter Bolt
Explosive Rivet

Occasionally I swap out Hunter/Explosive for Vortex. I like Sunburst since there isn't a charge for it, but it's pretty hard to hit enemies with. Grand Scension is also good, but I just really like to set myself on fire and jump on my enemies.

Sixfold is good for 1HKO, Hunter is useful on big enemies as well since it can lock on multiple times on them, but I hate how some arrows are wasted if there's only 3 enemies for example. Explosive Rivet, I honestly don't use that much. Just didn't seem that powerful to me. Vortex plus shadowshackle makes for a great trap though vortex is sufficient by itself. Warding arrow is good for battles where you know there is going to be a lot debilitations, such as cockatrices, but I just prefer carrying secret softeners and a mage with Halidom.
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4 years ago#6
I tried Sunburst but it mostly miss my targets so I discarded it.

I haven't tried the strategy of vortex/immolation, does it work well ?
Gamertag: darkspy1976
Pawn: Onorata
4 years ago#7
I would swap out Hunter for Vortex Funnel. The combination of vortex followed up by a couple explosive rivets is amazing for taking down large groups of weaker enemies. Shadowshackle is also great when used defensively. Drop it and stand in it while firing and never worry about getting attacked from behind.
4 years ago#8
I'll try Vortex this night, is anyone using Magnitude augment ? Does it make a difference ?
Gamertag: darkspy1976
Pawn: Onorata
4 years ago#9
I used it for a couple levels and didn't find it particularly useful. Enemies were going down so fast that I'd rather use that augment slot on something else.
4 years ago#10
Is everybody using bloodlust for MA ?
I'm not sure if it really works for increasing magic stats.
Gamertag: darkspy1976
Pawn: Onorata
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