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4 years ago#11
Ok still got weapons to go but here's the first lot, probably take a few posts though so don't post for a bit. Some of this stuff can be bought from vendors too

Barbarian Chief's Helm
Crimson Armet
Direwolf Veil
Dragon Band
Dragon Knight's Helm
Golden Lion Helm
Grisley Skull
Laurel Circlet
Meloirean Cyclops Veil
Meloirean Helm
Sages Hood
Steel Sallet
Twilight Mask

Torso Armour
Crrimson Plate
Crimson Robe
Dark Lorica
Devine Surcoat
Golden Belt
Golden Lion Padding
Matte Robe
Grrisley Bone Armour
Meloirrean Plate
Philosopher's Robe
Red Dragon Scale
Royal Surcoat
Steel Cuirass
Sultry Pareo

Torso Clothing
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4 years ago#12
Arm Arrmour
Burnished Bracers
Crimson Gauntlets
Darkened Gloves
Dragon Hide Bracers
Dragonscale Arm
Gleaming Bangles
Golden Wristbands
Grisley Bracers
Meloirean Armguard
Shadow Gauntlets
Steel Gauntlets
Twilight Manicae

Leg Armour
Carmine Breeches
Crimson Sabatons
Dark Over-knee Boots
Exotic High Boots
Flame Skirt
Grisley Greaves
Holy Cuisses
Meloirean Greaves
Molten Boots
Royal Cuisses
Shadow Greaves
Steel Sabatons
Superior Cuisses
Twilight Greaves

Leg Clothing
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4 years ago#13
Ancient Cape
Dignified Cape
Dragon Knight's Cloak
Feral Cape
Lordly Cloak
Nebula Cape
Royal Mantle

Benevolent Earring
Dignified Earrinng
Noble Earring
Platinum Ring
Ring of Onyx
Ring of Pearl
Ring of Ruby
Ring of Sable
Ring of Sapphire
Stalwart Earring

OK let me go do the weapons now, 10 mins or so
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4 years ago#14
Crossed Cinquedea

Dragon's Presence

Saving Grace
Wounded Heart

Bloddy Thistle

Chilling Razors
Dragon's Pain

Frigid Finger
Unfettered Claws

Dragon's Risen
Solar Providence

Dragon's Den
Sable Sentinel

Magick Shields
Angel's Sanctum

Fey Whisper

Long Bows
Noble Limbs
Savage Fang

Magickal Bows
Dragon's Quickening
Herald's Helix

Ok that's everything from chests, I didn't include any UR-Dragon drops though, don't know if you wanted them
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4 years ago#15
This is what I used to go throught the Everfall.!/2012/06/dragons-dogma-everfall-chamber-guide.html

It helped me out enormously.
4 years ago#16
This is actually useful,l in terms of check what we got and still may want to get.

"U r dead u just don't know it yet"
4 years ago#17
This is awesome! Thanks for your work. If you need anything, everfall loot wise, I am starting to amass quite a bit. Thanks again!
Secret of Mana should be played by everyone at some point.
4 years ago#18
No worries :)
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4 years ago#19
Shameless bump and also after doing this forgot to keep a copy for myself. :)
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4 years ago#20
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