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4 years ago#51
OMG, the memories-- I was once in an online RPG with a bunch of college kids, most of whom were classics majors, and I played Aphrodite, Athene and Clytemnestra. Aphrodite was mostly for laughs, Athene for srs bsns and Clytemnestra was a quiet psycho waiting to explode...

Anyway, I was 'talking' as Athene one night to Zeus, *******g about Aphrodite's behavior (totally throwing her under the bus), and I typed out of the blue:

"Daddy, you KNOW Apollo's chiton swishes both ways."

And there was two minutes of silence from the other side and so I broke character to ask if something was wrong, right?

He said that he had been laughing so hard that he had tears rolling off his face, and that he was going to use that line while teaching his next grad class.


I have no idea where this stuff comes from.
4 years ago#52
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4 years ago#53
All's still quiet on the Urdy front. I've had a string of nothing but 8.9s.

Clearly the overlords haven't decided to grace us with their presence yet...
GTs: Zague77 & SleepyJimZzz
Zague <3 Clarus
4 years ago#54
Battlestar Galactica? I loved the old school ones. My favorite is the episode where one of the Cylon's actually turns good after it crash landed and was then reprogrammed?

I couldn't get past the new Cylons versus the old Cylons comparisons. The old ones were just way too cool, and that fricken speech! By your Command! Every kid I know wanted a Cylon buddy, figure, or some such equivalent. Ah, good times. Geez, the world's gone and gotten itself into such a hurry... I feel as if the internet has taken away a child of today's innocence. Everything is on there.

Anyhoo, Urpdate is 8.8 on my end.
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4 years ago#55
Anyone know what he's at?
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4 years ago#56
I'm about to switch to Sekhmeti and take a gander.
4 years ago#57
DamienTheEvil1 posted...
Anyone know what he's at?

just got a 8.5
GT xMrxFredx
4 years ago#58
4 years ago#59
Gamertags - Damien DaEvil 1, Legacy of Havoc & Extreme Havoc
4 years ago#60
Any updates? I have a horrible headache... and not in game at the moment. Gonna wait about an hour and hope this Tylenol kicks in.

Rather new to the Ur fight here. Just hoping he doesnt have one of those drastic drops to .5 health like I saw last week. My first round he had all his skin and is feeling his oats. I exit the instance, rest up and top off on curatives, and quickly reenter the instance. He comes screaming down looking particularly pissed off with no skin at all, glowing hot spots from head to tail. WOW I was shocked!
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