Ur-Dragon Generation 137

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new topic up
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Has it gone into 'easy' grace yet?
#124robert43sPosted 11/27/2012 1:18:58 AM
I'll go on now if I were you, keep using godsbane if necessary, I am not expecting it to last much longer. That was one aggressive dragon. Took me two runs.
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Well that was interesting, I saved at the wrong location in the chamber, when I godsbane after the 1st run, loaded on the bridge, all empty, started casting holy buff on myself and then got killed by three aggressive ranger/strider pawns. 1st time these pawns have killed me. Used a wakestone and promptly killed them.
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wow that was a mess
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Austin119 posted...
How though..... What exactly are u guys doing?

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It's still grace by the look of it, I do not expect it to last much longer (probably three minutes). Still grace.

I wonder whether this will last the hour for grace.
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builder111 posted...
Austin119 posted...
How though..... What exactly are u guys doing?


Maker's spamming and mess up grace for mage-based arisen's!
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It's gone. No easy grace for me- no kill. Just a crappy pity reward...

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