Ur-Dragon Generation 137

#151KarathraxPosted 11/27/2012 7:25:39 AM
Servare posted...
The blazes? He had over 10.5 for me.


That's the new gen, 138. Fred went on a rampage after I went to bed last night, haha
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robert43s posted...
DamienTheEvil1 posted...
That's a first, to need two runs at grace last gen to killing him 4th fastest this gen. I guess ten levels made the difference. Wonder how much faster I'll be able to get him at level 200 and with the right augments.

What are you playing as ? I suspect a high level assassin.

I was my level 136 solo assassin, I leveled up to 139 after the kill thanks to Quina's flower. Still not sure why the tablet says I was level 137.
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