Can't connect to LIVE?

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User Info: iphan4tic

4 years ago#41
Still happening. Anyone know if CC has commented?

User Info: LaughingMan434

4 years ago#42
Same, still can't play.

Really ****ing me off.

Honestly though, this is classic Capcom.
Horrible company.
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User Info: DrNick2008

4 years ago#43
iphan4tic posted...
Still happening. Anyone know if CC has commented?

I called them on Monday, the day of the update. They said they weren't aware of it but would try to reproduce it do they could fix it. I told them I had the problem and so did LOTS of other people on this board. He said they would get back to me in 24hrs. I have yet to hear back from them. Lol
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User Info: meralonne

4 years ago#44
You know what? This happened to me the last time there was an update, too. Oddly enough, I only had connection problems on the account that I used to DL the update. There were no connection problems on the other accounts.

Next time there's an update, try this: use an account you're not using to play the game for the DL. It's not a fix by any means, but it's something...
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User Info: Karathrax

4 years ago#45
I had to update all three of mine but only have connection issues on my main.

Go figure.
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User Info: BiggLaw

4 years ago#46
1. Clear the cache
2. Reboot game
3. Install update

This is what worked for me. I went a whole day without playing and it ticked me off. But someone suggested clearing the cache and that worked. Hopefully it'll fix it for everybody else too.
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