Ur-Dragon Generation 184

#81DamienTheEvil1Posted 1/25/2013 6:31:40 PM
Interesting how the timing is almost identical to 183, I posted a 5.7 and not even two hours later grace was posted.
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NAME posted...
Luza definitely wasn't "in" on it, the twins always are, and the "vegetable" twins are kind of in on it -- but it died at a time when they would be on anyway. :/ There's no need to be racist or nationalistic, since the majority of amazing graces are hacks from people who aren't necessarily even ranked! :o However, this is clearly retaliation for the last generation dying at a time when the "vegetable" twins, and Luza, to some extent, completely missed the kill... :(

luza didn't missed the kill. uran and luza get always together a kill or missed it. the guy on 8,9 is a different one. he missed gen 183, luza and co did the kill. there's no racist comments. the cheaters are from japan and are a##holes. i give a sh#t about was you thinking
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