Blood red crystals and Cursed Light

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Anyone know where you get the blood red crystals for upgrading the shadow gauntlets? Also anyone know the material needed to silver forge the cursed light sword?
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Thanks for that..anyone have any idea for the Cursed Light?
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I would also like to know this. I have one setting in my bank, but unless it gets past dragon forged it is of no use to me because my gold totem mace is better. If anyone has any info on what it takes to get cursed light silver rank, please, let us know! Thanks!
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Bloodred Crystals are obtained from Strigois (red winged gargoyle look-alikes), however there's a trick to obtaining them since you can't just acquire it through the normal means.

An Arisen must get pierced by its tail in order for it to suck their blood, and after which, when the Strigoi is destroyed, it will sometimes drop a Bloodred Crystal.

[EDIT: Let the animation of your Arisen being sucked run its course until they collapse on the ground, after that just kill it with whatever means necessary to extract yer revenge.]

Cursed Light silver and goldforging - (if someone can confirm this it would be great, as I have it written down on paper but cannot cross reference them within the game itself. It won't allow me to view the required materials once they've been forged in the upper tiers.)

Corrupt Remains x 3

Ruinous Relic x 3
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Confirmed. I managed to get a corrupted remains and I am now able to look and see what materials are required for the weapon. 3 corrupted remains and 3 ruinous relics is correct for silver and gold. I am fairly certain that I acquired corrupted remains from the lich bishop.
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