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out51d3r posted...
Ghost_of_Kirin posted...
Also, you have to remember that Catfish claims to not use boosters.

If you are suggesting I was using periapts/consumables, you are again in error. I was using Attunement and Acuity, no other magic augs, and I don't think I have any +magic on my mage's gear(if I do, it's a small enough amount to be irrelevant).

The goal isn't to compare to Dominion Claw. The goal is to do enough damage to defeat a Living Armor in a reasonable time span. 2/3rds of a bar from a relatively quick spell accomplishes that.

Nope not suggesting that you used boosters, you've read me wrong. I'm merely making a point that with party boosters, despite weapons choice, everything can be killed off faster.

As for your last paragraph, maybe it is, where damage and speed is concerned though. Still, I get what you're saying.

Just my preferred choice to have Dmonion Claw as opposed to Legion's Might, with a DC and the right setup one can leave the LM in storage.

Ultimately what all of this boils down to is preferences, and to which I earlier said: to each and their own.
Justin Bailey
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(edited 3 years ago)
Just an addendum:

Why shouldn't comparisons be drawn between a Legion's Might and a more powerful weapon such as the Dominion Claw, when the latter is capable of killing a Living Armor, as well as other larger enemies, in less time?

Gamers will always want the more powerful weapon, and there are no penalties to using it either.
Justin Bailey
| Gamertag: Ghost of Kirin | MK Ur-Dragon run: http://youtu.be/jtkfQCqYzgM |
3 years ago#53
Ladies and Gentlemen:

Let me say this one last time: the purpose of this topic is not to discuss the merits of one staff over another. If you wish to discuss the merits of Legion's Might, Dominion Claw, Rusted Staff or even the Volant White, this is not the place for arguing about it. Please discuss it elsewhere.

This FAQ is designed to assist with finding spellcasting pawns with proper skill and inclination setups as well as proper setup of your own spellcasting pawns, not whether a specific staff is superior to another. As we all know, the effectiveness of any pawn is situational. There is no single setup that will work for every possible contingency.

The "discussion" about staves is circular and serves no purpose. Let's all agree to disagree and move on, please.
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@meral: A small debate concerning good staves might be appropriate though, as this is a thread about choosing/setting up good mages. The guide does contain a section specifically for equipment afterall. I would even agree with one of the other posters that some of the other unique staves might deserve a mention. Besides Dominion for dealing the most damage, you can use Legion to auto rez your pawn, or rusted to add torpor to your spells, or gold to add silence to your spells. An argument could be made that against the most difficult enemies torpor would be a bigger boon than either more damage or self rezzing.

As a guide for new players, it's possible the reader might not already know about rusted staff, or that it's torpor effect also applies to spells. Torpor is almost "as good as dead" on some of the most obnoxious BBI enemies. To clarify, the guide need not mention which staff is "best," but might could be improved by expanding the content.

In the same equipment section, I would also recommend mentioning some of the gear that has really good resistances on it, or some gear that has really high magic attack. I can't contribute to this part as much as I'd like though, as I don't really have that good of a memory for item names and my pawns are all currently wearing princess dresses.

@outsider: Glad the Legion's Might is working well for you. Just in case you are new to GameFAQs, you might find some users here are less than sincere in their interactions with other users. It is best overall to just ignore these users, or in the very least not let them discourage you.
Aught ought not have naught for recompense.
3 years ago#55
I appreciate everyone's efforts to make this FAQ better. After lengthy arguments and ad nauseum debates of the merits of the Legion's Might staff, what has already been posted can serve as a makeshift guide if anyone is interested in using the staff as Catfish does. I will not be amending the guide, as it is not necessary. There are FAQs on GameFAQs that list equipment, and there is no need to re-iterate that here. I gave a brief discussion of equipment in this FAQ and that was intentional - if I list just a few, others will complain that their favorite staff was left out. The purpose of this post was for new players to be able to rent decent mages and sorcerers and guide them in what to look for, and that has been accomplished.

Further discussion of adding individual staves to the FAQ or merits of individual staffs, especially the Legion's Might which needs no further discussion now, will be taken elsewhere or this topic will be locked. Open a new topic if you wish to continue.

This particular board is known on GFAQs as one of the best. Sour grapes from individual posters, and insults to the board as a whole I will not continue to tolerate here - it isn't necessary or helpful to anyone and it's just false information that new board members will not be able to discern. I don't mind discussion, I do mind arguing simply to argue or because no one has changed their mind and you really want them to. There is always room for more helpful information, so Catfish can write a short FAQ on using the Legion's Might with an extremely specific and uncommon setup if he so desires.

Have a nice day!
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Catfish: Look, seriously, dude, just stop. Anyone who knows how to read will see that it was you who came in here with a holier-than-thou tone. You're not interested in a debate, as I said earlier, your only intent is to force your flawed logic on the incorrect AI workings of a caster Pawn, down our throats. You are incapable of an honest debate, this you know too, because you're aware that your information is incorrect.

Which is why you cannot give me a rebuttal to all of your ridiculous claims, where I've shot you down with. So you cook-up an outlandish claim that I'm a troll that should be ignored? Good come back, mate! Some debater you are!

I've disputed, and even the other board vets have spotted your errors, but yet, your self confessed OCD rituals has compelled you to hold onto this thread for your dear life. Let it go, man... You'll be at peace.

Think for a moment, if I was wrong or incorrect, many of the other vets would have corrected me. They haven't, so I wonder why that is?

Your only stance and ammunition for a debate - where your ridiculous AI claims are concerned - is based upon the fact that you honestly believe that most of us haven't tried the Legion's Might. So, being narrow minded as you are, you've decided to take it upon yourself to have free-reign in coming up with so much BS because you believed you could get away with it! You forgot the fact that the vets here are more than equipped with the correct set of information. Then there's me, who's played with this popsicle extensively, mate! But honestly, your outlandish claims are laughable.

I gave you a taste of your own medicine, man. I've been on these boards for a long time and you think of me as a troll, funny how you don't see yourself being in the picture. I merely give the trolls a taste of their own medicine. The good folks here know that I bash trolls. Especially passive aggressive trolling in the guise of an "honest debate", which is disingenuous! Who then hide and feign the victim of being misunderstood. Volunteer victims always cry foul the loudest!

Seriously, you should have stopped at that post of mine where I said, to each and their own. Would have saved you a lot of face! You come off as inexperienced and narrow minded, especially in your playstyle where you've narrowed yourself to just this one specific style, and severely ignored the scope which extends beyond your imagining for growth. There are so many contradictions on your part, conflicting argumentative points, argument after argument, it's laughable but tragic.

Outsider: Here's why I said Legion's Might does very little damage to a Living Armor as well as some of the more tougher enemy bosses.

Taking a look at the following on one of the Pawns with me:

Dominion Claw
(Not optimal setup)

I do not want to argue any further on this, as I have a lot of respect for the Topic Creator, but I have to address the following: If your LM Pawn did 2/3 on a Living Armor, imagine what the above Pawn (alone) is capable of dishing out with a DC! It is in the range of 2.7 to 3.2 bars of damage. This is what I call 'decent to good damage', without boosters too! ;)

Anyway, I hope you get my point, which I made earlier on, on what I meant by 'little damage', and even if you disagree with the use of DC, I hope you have the decency to agree to disagree and to not drag this any further out of respect for the Topic Creator's wishes. Unlike my very good friend, Wiggum. And, as I've said earlier; to each their own. :)

Let me know when you switch back to a Dominion Claw, hey? :p
Justin Bailey
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3 years ago#57
CatfishWiggins posted...
@meral: A small debate concerning good staves might be appropriate

Except that this isn't a "small debate". As I said, your argument with Ghost is circular and serves no purpose in this thread. Equipment is barely mentioned in the initial posts and takes up all of two lines. It was not intended to be the subject of this debate.

Tell you what, here's a breakdown of various staves for all to peruse. Note that the attack power is for the Gold Dragonforged version. All data is taken directly from the Dragon's Dogma wiki (dragonsdogma.wikia.com)

Read as follows -- "weapon": Magic attack rating/Stagger Power/Knockdown Power


Dominion Claw: 1515/513/513.
Melting Focus: 1421/483/483. Fire enchantment
Volant White: 1066/502/502. Holy enchantment
Algid Bloom: 886/453/453. Ice enchantment
Golden Claw: 735/312/312. Silence debilitation
Legion's Might: 525/341/341. Pawn auto-recovers if brought to zero HP via direct damage
Aneled Claw: 692/232/232. Tarring and Blindness debilitations
Rusted Staff: 510/225/225. Poison and Torpor debilitations


Sanguine Stalk: 1730/528/528
Hallowed Dragon: 1620/498/498. Holy enchantment
Stagnant Surge: 946/368/368. Dark enchantment
Keen Dragon's Wit*: 336/200/200. Silence debilitation
Aneled Meniscus*: 188/122/122. Tarring and Blindness debilitations
Rusted Archistaff: 612/269/269. Poison and Torpor debilitations.

Note 1: Gold DFed stats for Keen Dragon's Wit and Aneled Meniscus were not available in the wikia.
Note 2: there are several instances of multiple staves/archistaves available with similar special effects (especially Silence). In these cases, only the staff/archistaff with the highest attack power is used.

Guys, here's the info laid out for everyone to see. Catfish, you've made your point about the Legion's Might already. If you and Ghost wish to continue your personal argument, take it elsewhere. Pretty please. With sugar on top.
"Sigs are for dorks."-- my wife
(edited 3 years ago)
It is a shame you are not keen on updating your FAQ, although I did not think editing a thread was possible after an hour had passed anyways. I could see GameFAQs making an exception for sticky threads, given their longevity.

As far as the "stop this debate" responses, I would like to point out that the debate appears much less circular if you ignore Ghost's later posts, as I would recommend. I offered support in favor of legion's might when it was originally challenged, and later clarified that some of my points were for all mages in general, and then we almost discussed Focused Bolt. To reuse a bit of coolfire's words, we shouldn't let our view of the thread as a whole be diminished by the input of "sour grapes."

Also, I can see the merit in listing the most powerful staff with each elemental affinity, but Chilling Focus is stronger than Algid Bloom. I only could remember it because it's in a BBI2 pair with melting focus.
Aught ought not have naught for recompense.
3 years ago#59
chilling focus doesnt have any enchantment , i believe it was listed with ice from the description but is not ;)

and keen dragon's wit stats onde GF'd are : 835/316/316 i believe , the strongest debilitation archistaff , might update the wiki when i have time :)
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(edited 3 years ago)
3 years ago#60
CatfishWiggins posted...
It is a shame you are not keen on updating your FAQ, although I did not think editing a thread was possible after an hour had passed anyways.

I just did. I added several staves/archistaves. I even included the one you keep insisting on. After looking at it further, I still wonder how you can get anywhere with it in Bitterblack. Quite frankly, if I swapped my pure Strength pawn to Mage and gave her a Dominion Claw, she'd have greater magic attack power than a min/maxed magic attack Mage with the Legion's Might... and she'd have nearly twice the HP along with much greater physical defense. The Legion's resuscitation powers would be unnecessary because the pawn would be able to take hits.

As far as the "stop this debate" responses, I would like to point out that the debate appears much less circular if you ignore Ghost's later posts, as I would recommend.

Of course you would. He disagrees with you. And Ghost would likewise say that we should ignore your posts. You've made your points about what you wanted to bring up and it's no longer being "discussed". The only "discussion" going on now is the one we're having about why you insist on flogging a dead horse.

Also, I can see the merit in listing the most powerful staff with each elemental affinity, but Chilling Focus is stronger than Algid Bloom.

As was noted in the post above me, Chilling Focus does not have a permanent Ice enchantment, unless the Wiki is wrong.
"Sigs are for dorks."-- my wife
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