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3 years ago#1
Started an alt, and because I occasionally enjoy writing... figured I would do one, while doing the other. Multitasking, not just for trained professionals anymore!

So yeah, that is fair warning that was is to follow, is quite likely bad, and pointless, fan-fiction. Feel free to ignore, if you so wish. Also, flame away if that is your thing. Heh.

As said, spoilers shall abound. Continuity and original story may also change drastically.


A strange dream came to me last night. I was myself, but not myself. Older, wiser, stronger, braver, more driven. In the dream I was in the midst of vast, and ancient ruins. With each step I took, moving deeper inside, more of the ruins crumbled. But I was not afraid. I was driven by an inescapable duty. A duty I could not fully grasp, but I felt the urgency of it. There was naught to turn back to, I had to continue onward.

Beside me was Salde. I knew his name as surely as I knew my own, yet he had never told it to me. He was my shield, and I was the sword. A sword that would never be sheathed. A sword that would not tire, that would not rest, not until it was sheathed in the heart of the voice that beckoned me deeper into this maze.

It was not a voice I could hear. I felt it instead. It throbbed throughout my whole body. From the heart of my breast, through my blood, and within my very bones. It did not speak any language that I knew, yet I understood it. It called to me. It taunted me. But not with malice. Its words were filled with solemnity, urgency, and a sombre need. It did not call and taunt me because it wanted to, it did it because it needed to. It was not my enemy, but needed me to be its.

Then, as Salde and I stepped out onto a narrow precipice, I saw it. A monster so massive it blotted out the sun's light. The great dragon. Grigori, the harbinger of destruction. In a show of power, it unleashed its breath. I hid behind my shield, as the fireball shattered the ruins. The air around me shimmered with the heat from it. The shockwave from the explosive blast tore the ruins apart. I clung to my shield for as long as I could, but the heat was too much, I had to cast aside the twisted remains of it.

Hope fled me. How was I to stand against such a creature. Salde's hand on my shoulder reminded me that I was not alone, and a glimmer of hope returned. Salde pointed out a path forward, the beast's breath had cleared and revealed the way. We followed the path that had been made for us. With each step forward, the urgency of my task intensified.

At the path's end, the ruins' end, we stood before a great valley. The way forward was chocked with the dead. My predecessors. Some only a few days old, others weeks, months, years, decades, or ages old. In the heart of the valley, await the beast. Grigori. It turned its head towards us, and called to me. It was then that I awoke.
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3 years ago#2
The light streamed through my window, casting dancing shadows upon the wall. The sound and smell of the sea filled my small room. Getting up I found a note from my father, saying that if I was not going to be up in time to help him with fishing, then I should find some other way to help out around Cassardis. Or, see about joining up with the Duke's men. Oversleep one morning, and father threatens to enlist me into the army. I got dressed, grabbed my fishing rod, and decided I would wait for father at the docks. Hoping that if he saw me fishing, that I could talk him out of enlisting me.

As I was heading down to the docks, I saw the Duke's men, reading some official proclamation to a crowd gathered at the gates. Stopping to listen, momentarily, the sky suddenly turned dark. The crowd let out a gasp, turned and pointed out at the sea. As I turned, I saw what it was that had darkened the sky. The dragon from my dream. It was flying right towards us. People began to panic, screaming and running. The beast dropped onto the docks, showering the town with seawater, a great wave washing the boats ashore. The beast crushed the dock beneath it, let out a great roar, and smashed the bulwark with its tail. Masonry took flight, and rained down upon the town.

People streamed up from the shoreline, screaming and crying. I turned to the Duke's men, looking for help or guidance, but found that they had fled. Somebody had to do aught, people needed help. Shrieks of fear, pain, and death came from where the beast was wading ashore. I spotted a sword laying on the ground, one of the Duke's men's, no doubt cast aside as the coward fled. Echoes of my dream came back to me. A sense of duty filled me. I grabbed the sword and ran down to the shore.

The beast let out another great roar, as it belched forth a massive gout of fire. Horror washed over me as I watched people I had known my whole life be swallowed up in that inferno. My grip tightened on the sword as I leapt through the blaze and charged the beast. I met it with steel as it came ashore, lashing out with the blade. It saw me, and effortlessly swatted me aside. I was sent flying. I landed hard, bouncing across the surf, coming to rest half submerged in the sea.

Pain filled me. Every breath was agony. I could not regain my feet, I could not move. I struggled to keep my head above water. I was failing. As I choked on the waves that washed over me, I saw the dragon looming over me. Staring at its massive hand. The sword I had held, was buried in it. The red light in its eyes began to fade, and it looked down at me. Truly seeing me for the first time. Its eyes moved back to the sword in its hand, then back down to me. It began to speak. The same strange language it had spoken in my dream, but I could no longer understand it. I could barely hear it over the sound of myself drowning. As my vision began to go dark, the dragon's words began to echo inside my head. I saw the sword fall from its hand, as it reached out towards me. As the world went black, I felt incomprehensible pain. The pain was overwhelming, but above it, I felt like I was losing a piece of myself.

I awoke in grandfather's house. The pain was gone. But I could feel that I was no longer whole. Aught was missing. Aught important. Aught that I had always had. But I could breathe. Round my chest was wrapped a bandage, stained crimson with blood. Beneath the bandage was a great scar. From my abdomen it stretched across my breast. As I pondered how long I had been unconscious, I overheard grandfather and Quina talking. They were saying that I was unhurt, but that my heart no longer beat within my breast. Reflexively I put my hand to my breast, and I felt a burst of heat from within. With the heat came a pulse of light, and a voice. The voice from my dream. Beckoning to me. Telling me to take up arms. Calling me Arisen. The sense of duty and purpose that had filled me in my dream, came back to me.
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3 years ago#3
Thank you, ser! I quite liked that! :D Nice touch on weaving the dream sequence into the game's lore, and indeed into the intro cut scenes. :)
Justin Bailey
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3 years ago#4
Heh, thanks for the positive feedback. Will have more up tomorrow... once I get to actually playing the actual game, and not just the intro.

Still trying to decide what vocation I want to start as, heh.
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3 years ago#5
Ur a pretty talented writer walrus, nice job
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3 years ago#6
Ur a pretty talented writer walrus, nice job

EDIT so nice i had to say it twice
Warfriends: You must be lonely, unless you are a female; which in that case u are merely a figment of my imagination
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3 years ago#7
i liked that thanks. not that my opinion matters but striders are always fun.
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3 years ago#8
I am liking this! More, please :D
3 years ago#9
Aye, Walrus! More please! We're like a school of Piranhas snapping at your finger tips as you tease us for more. ;)

Oh, and Barry, LOL! Nice cover up my good man, hahah! Funny stuff. :D

EDIT: Oh, forgot about the Vocation. Hrm, what to be, what to be... Gah! Can't decide! Sorry, no help there, Walrus! Kinda leaning toward Strider since they climb and it's always kinda cool to see them being thrown off, heh. So the potential to make it more dramatic is there perhaps. :/
Justin Bailey
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3 years ago#10
It seems to me like all you are doing is writing what happens in Dragon's Dogma in first person point of view. Why not try for something original?

e.g. In a distant land an arisen wakes up. They realise their heart isn't beating but have no idea how they got there or who they are, only the call of the dragon leading them to Gransys. They travel across a few of the other countries mentioned in dragons dogma and you can do a bit of research into them and use your creativity here. The arisen also meets some other characters on the way such as a person who thinks the arisen reminds them of a dead person they once knew so follows them for that reason or such as a person who is actually a monster disguised as a human. The arisen is stalked by monsters on the way who hunger for the blood of an arisen (this would explain why enemies are far more likely to drop everything and target the arisen, it's also similar in nature to Berserk which dragon's dogma is often compared to) and it is revealed that the monster companion joined the arisen with the intent of attacking them when they are vulnerable but ends up caring for them instead, some drama could follow here. And perhaps one of their companions is also their pawn, but doesn't want the arisen to know that for whatever reason so made up a fake life story, perhaps because while the arisen was sealed they gradually came to possess humanity of their own and do not want to be seen as less than human.

After overcoming many monsters, political intrigues and hardships the arisen finally makes it to gransys and soon after arriving learns that the dragon hasn't even left Gransys since it appeared there about a year ago. The Arisen learns they were made arisen in one of the previous cycles but sealed away by salvation and the amnesia is a side effect of the sealing magic. Selene or Quina ends up helping them to break the seal completely and they remember the truth. As it turns out the other companion is a descendant of one of the Arisen's siblings so that's why they mistook the Arisen for a dead family member and are forced to accept that that family member really is gone for real. The Arisen also realises that he/she will die when they kill the dragon as when their heart is returned age will force them to return to dust.

The arisen falls in love with one of the companions, and the other one offers themselves to the dragon as their self proclaimed beloved. In the end the arisen has the choice of sacrificing their 'beloved' who they aren't in love with but still care for in order to live with the one they truly love. I just pulled this out of my behind right now but the point is that original works make for a more interesting read than a plot summary.
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