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3 years ago#11
Thanks for the compliments. :-)

lunajenny posted...
It seems to me like all you are doing is writing what happens in Dragon's Dogma in first person point of view. Why not try for something original?

Because creative plagiarism is significantly easier than writing something wholly original. Heh.

While I can do a passable job of rewriting things, if I try to make something of my own, I get jammed up, and hit numerous writer's blocks. So I stick with what I can do, while slowly trying to expand my skill.
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3 years ago#12
Grandfather and Quina then came to me, and told me all that had happened since the dragon came. A week had passed, much of the town had been destroyed, but most still yet stood. They said that I had driven the great beast away. That felt like a lie to me. How could I have scared it away when it had cast me down, and so nearly killed me, without effort. But I could not argue with them, I tried, but they had seen what had come after my challenge of the beast, and I had not. They said after I had run down to the beach, the beast ceased its destruction and killing, and simply took wing.

When people had finally come out from hiding, they had found me. Broken and bloody, laying in the surf. I had been, unlike so many others, still alive. They nursed me back to health, an exercise that required very little effort. Grandfather says that the beast must have cursed me. A strange dark magick flows within me now. It heals my wounds faster than should be possible. He says that I bear the scar as a reminder. By challenging the beast, I had tied my fate to its.

They had held rites for those that had lost their lives to the beast. But so many were still missing. My father and the other fishermen amongst them. A great storm had followed the beast, more than just wind and rain though. A flock of harpies had swarmed over the town flying further inland. After the storm, wreckage had washed ashore. Battered and broken fishing skiffs. Grandfather is sure that father yet lives. Washed ashore in some strange land no doubt. Making his way back to us now. I wanted to believe him, but I did not think I could.

I sought out Brother Clemente, in the hopes that he could quiet the unease that dwelled within me. But the chapel was filled with the mourning. The friends and family of those who had perished. People I had once considered to be my own friends and family. But they looked upon me with fear, anger, and resentment. Their loved ones had perished, yet I still lived. I was naught but a reminder of the horror that had been visited upon us. I tried to say aught. Tried to apologize. But I had no words, and I realized that even if I did, there was naught I could say to make things right.

This place was no longer my home. Here, I was but a thorn in the lion's paw. I returned to grandfather's, and told him that I had to leave. He did not argue, he understood. He bade me visit the Duke. The Duke had challenged the dragon is his youth. If anyone was to know aught about what had happened, about what it all meant, it would be him. But the road to Gran Soren was dangerous, grandfather told me to head to the Encampment, and find an escort to the capital.

I returned to the ruins of the home I had shared with father. Found his old hunting bow, and packed what few belongings that remained. As I squatted there, digging through the rubble, a strange sensation washed over me. A cold breeze, blowing contrary to the warm breeze washing ashore from the sea. I turned toward it, and there was a man, staring at me. No, not a man. He was a pawn. Rook, was his name. I knew his name just by looking upon him. He came over to me and helped me to my feet. He said the winds of fate had drawn him to me. He was to take me to the Encampment. When I asked who had told him such, he did not understand the question. Too tired to try to explain, I just let it go. Said goodbye to my home, and left.
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3 years ago#13
Can't wait until you get to some of the more "interesting" characters in the game. I imagine it will be quite funny. :D
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3 years ago#14
On the road to the Encampment, Rook and I came upon a travelling merchant, being beset upon by a group of goblins. Nocking an arrow, I sighted the largest of the group, and let fly. The monster dropped into the grass, as the others turned towards us. They gibbered at us, in their primitive tongue, then charged. I was afraid. Father had taught me how to fire a bow, but against fowl, rabbits, and the occasional deer. Not against an aggressive monster. Let alone a pack of them. I backed away slowly, my hands trembling as I tried to nock another arrow. I let loose and it flew wide.

The closest beast was nearly upon me, I had no time to nock another arrow, I dropped my bow and drew my knife. I backed into a rock, and stumbled backwards, falling to the ground I stared up in terror as the beast leapt towards me. As it flew through the air it burst into flames and was cast aside, shrieking and writhing in agony as it burned. A hand, reaching out to me, reminded me that I was not alone. Rook was at my side. As I regained my feet, I saw the last goblin sprinting off into the hills. I grabbed my bow and took sight, but it was too far away.

The merchant introduced himself as Reynard, offered us his thanks. Said he had been ill prepared for the dangers of the road. I asked him to come with us, but he said he had to head back to Cassardis. His goods had been lost, and he was in need of a rest and restock before venturing forth once more. From the wreck of his wagon, he pulled a tattered hide cape, offered it as a reward for saving his life. I refused, saving him was done because it was the right thing, not for a reward. He insisted, said that the cloak was not good for much anymore, nobody would ever buy it, but it would at least serve to keep me warm on my journey, and it would serve as a reminder for the good I had done today. I thanked him, and Rook and I watched to make sure he made it safely to Cassardis before turning towards the Encampment.

The sun was beginning to set as we reached the palisades of the Encampment. As I neared the gate a cold wind washed over me, and a voice echoed in my ears. It called to me, said that if I were to claim to be Arisen, I would need to prove myself. I did not understand, I turned to Rook to ask if he had heard that too, and if he had understood, but I discovered him to have vanished.

The gates swung open, and the Duke's men rushed out. They ran past me, shouting that some dangerous beast was nearby, and that I should take refuge inside until it was once again safe. I took a step and the cold breeze came again. Those words echoed, prove myself. I turned and went after the Duke's men.

Just beyond the perimeter of the palisade was a mighty cyclops, it charged the wall and began battering the palisade wall with its massive club. The Duke's men were trying to stop it, but were beset upon by a group of goblins. The wall could not take a prolonged assault, it was beginning to splinter. I would not let more innocents die, I had to stop the beast. Or, at least delay it until the Duke's mean could stop it. I did all I could do, and fired upon it with my bow. Arrow after arrow lodged in its thick hide, it seemed impervious to them. My arrows being little more to it than mosquito bites would have been to me.

As I nocked my last arrow, the Duke's men set upon it. Cleaving at its legs with their swords. It turned and swatted them away. But in doing so, it now faced me. I took careful aim and let fly. My arrow sailed straight and true, and buried itself in the beast's eye. It roared in pain, dropped its club and clutched its face. The Duke's men had regained their feet, and set upon it. Toppling it to the ground. I rushed in and jumped upon it. Grabbing a fistful of its hair, I clung to its head as it thrashed around, stabbing and slashing its neck and face. As the beast gurgled its last breath, a strange glyph glowed on its forehead, for an instant, then the creature died.
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3 years ago#15
Can't wait to hear about who your pawn will be ^^
3 years ago#16
Nice story. As you can tell, with this board, we love a good narrative. Pray continue.
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3 years ago#17
I helped the soldiers carry their injured fellows inside the Encampment, and assisted with bandaging their wounds. As well as I could, considering my rudimentary knowledge of such things. They then asked me to join them round the fire, to share a drink, and tell tales of other such heroic exploits as the one we had just endured. I accepted the offer and engrossed myself in the merrymaking for as long as I could. Drowning out the horror, pain, and misery of what we had done, with brave tales. But it all felt so hollow to me. I did not feel brave or heroic during the battle, I felt like a coward. Naught more than an cornered animal, putting up a fight so as to not go blindly into the dark. The drink was bitter on my tongue, burned my throat, and seethed within my belly.

The cold wind returned. Calling to me once again. I turned away from the fire, letting the wind carry me about the camp, searching for something. I knew not what was calling to me, until I found it. A riftstone, tucked away in the back of one of the tents. There was one back in Cassardis, grandfather said that they were littered all about Gransys. He had said that they had some connection to the pawns, but nobody knew quite what that connection might be.

The stone was calling to me, I reached out and laid my hand upon it. It was cold. Perfectly smooth, not even the strange markings that decorated its surface despoiled the perfect smoothness of it. As my hand touched its surface, I was suddenly elsewhere. I found myself floating in the Šther, swirling clouds of nothingness blowing in the wind. I was here, in this strange place, yet I also was not. I could feel the cold smooth stone still beneath my hand, but I could also feel the nothingness. I could hear and smell the camp around where I stood, but also the absolute silence of where I floated. I could feel the warm air rustling my hair, and yet also the cold wind flowing throughout this void.

Then he was there. Floating afore me. Androcles. He was to be my shield, as Salde had been in my dream. Behind him was Rook, smiling at me. Behind him another pawn simply seemed to blink into existence. Then another, and another. Stretching off in all directions was a sea of pawns. They stretched off into the infiniteness of this place. Each and every one looking at me. I knew them all. All of their names, I just knew them. There was more of them than I could fathom, yet each and every one of them I knew.

They all spoke as one. A deafening cacophony of voices. An infinite voice swearing itself to me. Calling me Arisen. Legion, they were Legion. A word whose meaning I thought I once knew. But then, in that place, I realized that it was impossible to actually fathom the truth of that word. An endless sea of people, numbering more than grains of sand on the beaches. More than drops of water in the sea. More than stars in the night sky. There was more of them than there were numbers. It was overwhelming. I collapsed.

Androcles caught me, steadied me. His hand on my shoulder, the sense of duty that filled me in my dream returned. I had my shield. I now had to forge myself into the sword.
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3 years ago#18
I am now off to do some random side-quests and such. Will have more up, as soon as I get to actually doing something worth writing about. Heh.
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3 years ago#19
Rampagingwalrus posted...
I am now off to do some random side-quests and such. Will have more up, as soon as I get to actually doing something worth writing about. Heh.


*waits with baited breath*
3 years ago#20
A man called to me as I stood there, he introduced himself as Ser Berne. He said that he was in charge of training the soldiers of the Enlistment Corps. He said that I looked like I could use some training. I did not see any way that I could argue with him, he spoke the truth. I could use any and all help that was offered me, if I were to do aught about the dragon. So that is how Androcles and I spent the next few weeks. Training with the Corps, from dawn to dusk.

Then, one morning, instead of the rousing bugle standard that had awoken me in the past, I was roused by a call to arms. The training had paid off, I was quick to my feet, quick into my armour, and ready to go. Sounds of battle came from deeper in the Encampment. Androcles and I rushed towards it, only to be greeted by an enormous serpent. Weeks of training to battle man and goblin, and we found ourselves ill prepared to be faced with such a monstrosity. The men of the Corps fled the beast, which seemed a wise tactic.

As I turned to flee, another serpent loomed over the tents. Then another, and yet another. Trying to navigate the clusters of tents, and avoid the numerous serpents proved rather difficult, no matter which way I turned, they always seemed to surround me, cutting off my avenue of escape. One of them lunged out at me, but Androcles leapt to my rescue. Pushing me out of the way, but it left him undefended from the monster's attack. He disappeared into its mouth, swallowed whole. His muffled cries came from within as a large lump slowly slid down its neck.

Panic overcame me, I lost myself to the fear. I just ran. Cutting my way through the tents rather than trying to go around them. I ran until I came to the palisade wall, I leapt upon the wall in a desperate attempt to climb it. But quickly failed. I slid back to the ground, turned to face the monsters. As they surged towards me, the tents were crushed beneath their bulk. Then I noticed that the serpents all sprouted from a single twisted mass. It was not a horde of serpents, but a single monster. A hydra.

It loomed over me, and lunged out again with one of its heads. I dodged and fled. Following the wall I tried to find an escape. But the wall just continued to pen me in. Then I saw a building, a simple wooden shack, but in the grip of fear, it looked like sanctuary. I ran inside, threw shut the door behind me, and tried to catch my breath. It quickly dawned upon me at just how bad of an idea that hiding inside had been. The shack was filled with barrels of black powder.
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