Boots of Oblivion?

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2 years ago#1
Would anyone happen to have a spare of these? I have all but the helm and chestplate of the Hellfire armor, Framae blades, Sapfire daggers, Coat of Shadow, Gauntlets of Shadow, Boots of Shadow, Blackwing Bow, and Darkening Storm to offer in return.

GT: Ice Kataklysm
pawn: Mileena

If anyone is interested.
2 years ago#2
You cannot gift/trade DA-specific stuff (most, but not all, of the Gransys items are still giftable though, including the Ur dragon items). You can trade cursed items, but even if you get someone to gift/trade you a cursed lvl 3 armor, there is absolutely no guarantee it will purify to Boots of Oblivion.

Sorry :(
You vacuous, toffee-nosed, malodorous pervert!!
GT: Dr Nick 1971
2 years ago#3
That blows, oh well thanks anyway.
2 years ago#4
I think you get a set as a notice board reward for killing Death.
2 years ago#5
Shadow Boots are the reward for that quest's kill, and they're usually the "enemy holds" version for me.

GT/PSN: Karathrax, Alt: Sekhmeti
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