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User Info: meralonne

3 years ago#21
DatDarkOne posted...
Her son Joffrey should have died a long time ago along with that idiot Sansa Stark

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User Info: jlfish82

3 years ago#22
I had a Melisandre pawn a while ago. She was all fire magic, so that might not have resonated with some people. Or most. But it was true to character ;)

Oh yes, she also had maelstrom because....shadows.
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User Info: noodles0585

3 years ago#23
Got is an amazing show based off an even better series of books. Wot was decent but i got to recommend the prince of nothing and aspect emperor series by r. Scott Bakker. The last book should be out soon and it is at least as good as a song of ice and fire. Check out the darkness that comes before.
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