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2 years ago#1
very possibly the first time those words have be uttered on this site.

But honestly, he's rubbish! He's a sorcerer at the moment, and all he ever seems to use is focus bolt (which is quite good so i don't mind that) and element enchantments...

i think i've seen him use high ingle once or twice to protect himself, but hardly ever, and i mean like twice in the last 3 days of playing, have i seen one of his "nuke" spells go off.

and he dies literally all the time...

Unless I can get him to play nice and man up, i'm thinking about switching his vocation and just hiring a caster, which i'm against doing as i've put quite a lot into getting him to where he is (which is disappointing since he sucks so much)

So... two questions:

1) What if anything, can i do to make him a better caster, he has good augments, good skills, semi-decent equipment... no i'm not sure what else i can do.

2) If i was to change his vocation, i would be thinking maybe Strider, what leveling would i need to do to get his currently caster bias stats, into decent shape for a Ranger?

Sorry for the rant.
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2 years ago#2
Could i ask about the basic stats he his now and the level he is? I think he should put in some time as a warrior to get his strength stat up and pump some of his physical defense up as well. It's been awhile since I played though so take what i say with a grain of salt, i'm sure Kara, Nick, or any of the others will jump into this thread at some point.
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2 years ago#3
I'm at work now (clearly not working lol) so i can't check his stats, but when i get home i'll post them.
Peace is a lie. There is only passion.
Gamer Tag: Shaolin Manc 89
2 years ago#4
I found the problem immediately.

It's Sylver's armor. He has a DEF stat of 525(196), which is extremely low for BBI, especially if you're in hard mode. There's nothing wrong with his build, he's a good Mage/Sorcerer.

You really need a minimum loadout of 600 for survivability in BBI. Once he starts hitting 600 and above, he won't be such a piece of tissue paper.
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2 years ago#5
Sylver, level 125

HP 2499
STM 2265
STR 528 (271)
MAG 2523 (605)
Def 525(196)
MDEF 1015 (542)

I would think seriously about bringing up his stamina and DEF stats-- his magick is already very nice indeed.
GT/PSN: Karathrax, Alt: Sekhmeti
2 years ago#6
cool, thanks very much for checking and the tips!

Yeah it is BBI hard mode that is killing him, he's wearing the best Sorc armour i have at the moment...

So maybe some leveling as a fighter for the def?

What would give the best stam increases?

So that would sot out his stats... is there any way i can get him to use his hardcore spells more often?
Peace is a lie. There is only passion.
Gamer Tag: Shaolin Manc 89
2 years ago#7
Travel w/ multiple Sorcerers, so they can sync. There are some very useful Sorc pawns that only have the basic level Gicel/Bolide/Fulmination, great to trigger spells of other Sorc pawns while keeping foes busy.
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2 years ago#8
Only one affinity at a time. Until pawns are knowledgeable about all the enemies and IN the thick of battle, they can't anticipate the enemy's arrival by casting the right affinity.

Stay away from the lightning-based spells, like Brontide and Fulmination while his stamina is so low. His current spell list is:

High Ingle
High Fulmination
Thunder Affinity
High Gicel
Ice Affinity

I bet he spends a lot of time buffing. Fulmination and Gicel are two of the big nukes, which is fine, but you've only got two elements in his offensive spells, Ice and Lightning. Add either High Bolide or High Comestion (Fire) and think about one Holy or Dark spell to round out your elements (Seism or Maelstrom).

The most STM you're going to get is by using Ranger to 200, which would also add to his DEF. That would give you an additional 1125 stamina and another 75 DEF, plus 75 to ATT.

However, what determines the rest of your path to 200 is what you envision him to be at its end. If you want a more bullet-proof caster (Mage or Sorcerer), then maybe 50 levels of Ranger and the last 25 as either Mage or Sorcerer for more power. That's a decision you need to make; I can't do that for you. XD
GT/PSN: Karathrax, Alt: Sekhmeti
2 years ago#9
bullet proof caster sound pretty cool lol.

But yeah, i do want him to be a caster at the end.

I've switched up his skills for my BBI run, i didn't want him casting too may big fire spells when they aren't that effective, he has ingle as his quick fire defence spell though .

I normally roll with Seism rather than Maelstrom, as i like being in the mix and it just blacks out my screen and gets annoying. but i removed it thinking that less choice would mean more chance of one going off if you follow my reasoning. I'll remove one of the affinities though as i can see your point there.
Peace is a lie. There is only passion.
Gamer Tag: Shaolin Manc 89
2 years ago#10
I'm not at home, so, I can't check, but you if you don't have it you can add Bastion, the warrior physical defense augment until those stats are rounded out at lvl 200 or you get a BBI def ring. Don't use the mage augment Inflection-it's bugged (you actually take more damage).
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