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2 years ago#1
The Drama.

Yes, this screenshots thread is dedicated to drama in your Arisen/Pawn's lives. Or your hired pawns. Or your own. Or anyone else you know. Or your enemies. Or your neighbors. Or your animals. And their friends. Yeah, Yeah! Give us shiny!

Anyway, I'll start with Arlanna and Sofia, just for the fun of it.

Sofia, do we need to talk? Yep, he IS handsome, but you were the one that rejected him, remember?

The beautiful Sofia needs time to think.

...and pout.

Meanwhile, Gorgoron deals with her depression at losing her Master.

Thankfully, Sofia doesn't let her emotions get in the way of a good fight.

Sofia, get OFF the firedrake.

Well alright you two, make it quick!

What's this about Sofia?
Stop copying my style Arlanna!
Really, that's it?
No, but I don't want to talk about anything else right now.
Really? What's wrong with me?
Your hair is the same, you are wearing the same band... so WHATEVER!!!!
*sighs and rolls eyes!*

Is this BETTER Sofia?
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I set fire to the rain...
2 years ago#2
Hahah! I like the gid·dy·up Dragon one. Looks like she's riding the Dragon, after it chose her. :p I like Arlanna with her hair up like that - just haven't mentioned it, is all.
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2 years ago#3
I think this thread was made for Reimi lol! I will have to try and get some playing time this weekend and see what she wails about this time :D

And that dragon shot is awesome!
2 years ago#4
I should've saved those shots of her pouting in Gran Soren for THIS thread! XD
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2 years ago#5

What if all of your friends vanished? What if you were the only one left?...
GT: Fettman 53
Pawn: Harue
2 years ago#6
Nice shot, Fettman!
2 years ago#7

Draken: Blech. It's all over me!

Lobo: You're the only pawn I know who stands under the Ur when it falls down dead.
Draken: >.<
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2 years ago#8
Nice shots Kara and fettman! One of these days - maybe today - I'll rent Lobo and Kurgan for some bro time!

So, this shot I did not modify at all, since it looked almost like a Renaissance painting to me:

Soren 1000 kisses Ur

Sofia daggers Ur's tail

The continuing saga of Arlanna and Sofia:
Sofia actually smiles:
You need a shorter cut too, Sofia!

....and the funniest shot I've had in a long time:
Arlanna: Hmmmm, I heard Sofia's voice, but I can't seem to find her....
Sofia: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!
GT: iamsiamesifuplz, PSN: iamsiameseifupls
I set fire to the rain...
2 years ago#9
Here are some shots from My recent Death hunt. DeathShinigami's Meryl and Taco Cat's Katniss were drafted to come along.

Something just got BLASTED with a Great Gamble

That's All!!
It is defeat that you must learn to prepare for.
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2 years ago#10
Nice shots, people! :D

DDO: Great shots, bro! :D LOL at the That's all comment. Right, NEXT! :p

Coolfire: Love Arlanna's new look! ;) And that shot of Sofia talking with Arlanna looks cool, makes her seem alive, even. :)
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