Your Pawns, in Soul Calibur V Part 3

#11coolfire1357Posted 8/14/2014 7:06:40 AM
Great job jlfish! Wow, I'm really impressed, and that char creator must be something else! You are so close on so many of them - great variety. So can you recolor and almost design your own, or is the game just that varied that you have these choices?
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#12jlfish82(Topic Creator)Posted 8/14/2014 3:31:52 PM
Yeah, the game allows you to customize a character and give it the fighting style of one of the default characters. The cool coincidence of the game is that a lot of the armor can resemble Dogma's if you mix and match it right. And V, unlike IV, has textures that can be applied, that lets things looks leathery or scaly like the Dragonleather vest, or the Abyssinal armor, or also worn and faded, like the Magician's surcoat.

As for the bodies, the creator isn't nearly as diverse as Dogma's...but still fun. 5 default heights with the ability to change muscularity. There's about 15-17 faces per gender, although some of the men's are the same with varying facial hair. But you can add a little more character by choosing eyebrows, freckles, scars, makeup, skin/eye tones, etc. And obviously there's a lot of anime influence, like Merlyn's and Perrin's hair.

It's a fun game...I haven't played any of their own default characters for a while though! Ha ha
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Good job, love 'em!
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That was really cool. Thx for the heads up on xbl today ;)
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Awesome! You know you've made it on DA when your pawn becomes a Soul Calibur character!
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And since we had Link in Soul Calibur II it was about time we got Zelda too! XD
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=D Awesome!

You somehow captured Lobo's facial expression perfectly haha
A new favourite for me!

great job again Cresh!
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Thanks guys :)

I have a friend who pretty much only likes Legend of Zelda games. I tried to get her into DD:DA showing that you could make a pretty decent Link, but she didn't really bite. But in Soul Calibur II, she used to waste me over and over again using Link. Dang boomerangs.

I'm still a little traumatized....
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Nice work as always, jl. Keep it up!
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