Dragon's Dogma: Middle Earth edition

#1ReDrag0n103Posted 8/29/2014 10:26:10 PM
IAs you might of guessed from reading the topic I was realy bored. So I thought this fun little forum up. The idea is if you were to make any character from either LotR or the Hobbit, be it a character from the books or even the films, who would it be? And what vocation would ya make them into?
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Please excuse my poor typing.
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#3MiZDovePosted 8/29/2014 10:56:59 PM
Legolas! Ranger, of course. XD
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#4DatDarkOnePosted 8/29/2014 11:13:17 PM
Smaug! Assassin/Warrior.
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#5ijxPosted 8/30/2014 3:34:17 AM(edited)
My first pawn was a Gimli lookalike, so easy to do. (fighter obviously) Pretty much spot on IMO. Sorry lost in the rift, no pics.

Seen a ton of pawns called Gandalf_abc or Aragorn_123 but never one that actually looked right ( eg like Ian McEllen / Viggo Mortensen ).

On the subject - would I buy a "The Hobbit (tm)" game using Capcpm's engine - yes.
#6LaNi11aPosted 8/30/2014 7:29:16 AM
Tom Bombadil! Battle mage! no Dark Magic. Maybe Holy affinity and High Anodyne!
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(his arisen would be Goldberry! maybe a sorceress wearing the forest tunic set?)
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#7Mick65Posted 8/30/2014 9:17:18 AM(edited)
Sauron, MK.
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#8ReDrag0n103(Topic Creator)Posted 8/30/2014 12:18:48 PM
Saurman is a sorceror of course with Grima Wormtongue being his pawn. Though Im not sure what kind of vocation he would be
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#9BeefstakPosted 8/31/2014 3:42:40 AM
Smeagle - strider cursed kings belt done, of course he wouldn't look right if I put any more equipment on him. Rusted weapons of course
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