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Berserkin doesn't exist
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If I have a Xbox Silver acc, can I see the online Ur Dragon's HP?NocturnalSkies97/24 5:49PM
What BBI Lv. 3 armors should I be looking for for a Ranger/MK/Sorcerer?NocturnalSkies37/24 5:41PM
Where is the Rotwood Depository entrance from Bitterblack Isle?NocturnalSkies37/24 5:39PM
Ur-Dragon Generation 473
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What Pawns do when the Arisen isn't looking...
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In terms of theoretical probability, what are the chances of getting BW Bow?
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So when did they start all this crap?-------------------->>>>> (Closed)
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Anyone looking for a Berserkin?StarGladiator87/24 2:55AM
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What vocations would I take up for me and my pawn to get Virge of Madness?
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Ur-Dragon Generation 472
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Strider gear (Poll)
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Magic Archer Pro-Tips Needed.
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With a maxed lv. 200 MK, won't I be able to roll a MA just as well?
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What level should I start BBI at?UrDragonIsAIDS97/23 4:57PM