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NG+ and Bitterblack Isle.. (Archived)cobaltlotus34/28/2013
Character Edit Options Pack - worth it? (Archived)
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I'm a Lv 40 Sorcerer, what other classes can I play as and not feel gimped? (Archived)Solar121424/28/2013
A question about the very first boss... the lion goat thing. (Archived)ghstbstr54/28/2013
Is there a new Uber-Mace for MKs? (Archived)LtngZweihander44/28/2013
So what are everyones thoughts on what the best weapons are for each class now? (Archived)Shichika14/28/2013
Is it just me or is it impossible to get a good screenshot of your own arisen? (Archived)Giga_Guy_X34/28/2013
Forgot how epic this game was. (Archived)AceTheMadAngel734/28/2013
My Resistances are Nutz! o__O (Archived)malcolmx02x54/27/2013
I just keep getting stomped. (Archived)bladedwraith94/27/2013
Looking for a couple of Scather/Mitigator pawns (Archived)Rahjik64/27/2013
How to make a physically unmatched Arisen? (Archived)Wire_Harp84/27/2013
Leveling up (Archived)Grimlao54/27/2013
Use for Moonbeam Gems after clearing out Duskmoon Tower? *spoilers* (Archived)Atrabilious44/27/2013
Is it even possible to get max vocation rank before level 10? (Archived)RPGNinja12394/27/2013
Ur Dragon Loot (Archived)WtfMorgan44/27/2013
Build Help Please (Archived)WtfMorgan74/27/2013
Just checking... (Guardian inclination) (Archived)GamingSoHard34/27/2013
Question answer. (Archived)GriffinXHunter54/27/2013
Corrupt Save? (Archived)gangsta2254/27/2013
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