How do you get the key to open the key door in windbluff tower ?

#1SophaerLamPosted 6/29/2012 1:32:43 PM
is it worth the trouble what can you get?
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The key hold access to meilorean helm & armor. Pretty good gear for meele, if u short on money.

How to get the key, its by doing a quest given by ser Dario (obviously at windbluff) to give report to castle that they short on supplies for a week.

In quest description, it states that report either to sir Julien or a giard. But to get the key, u have to report to BOTH, & give all the items needed to dario. Make sure to talk to him twice or thrice after quest completed.
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hmm thx for the info, I thought that it would some armor I didnt purchased, is it always the this armor ?