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4 years ago#1
Been searching for a while but can't find this song, its the one that plays during most of the trailers for this game. I think the name of the song is also Dragon's Dogma...
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4 years ago#2
PSN: OmegadarkG
4 years ago#3

That song? lol
4 years ago#4
Into Free.
Kingdom Hearts is light. Got it memorized?
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4 years ago#5
here it is...

if the rar have password, i think is my PSN: Oo_kakui_oO

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4 years ago#6
No not that one.

the one that starts at 2:12 as Grigori awakens
PSN: OmegadarkG
4 years ago#7
Nobody knows?
PSN: OmegadarkG
4 years ago#8
OmegaAir posted...
Nobody knows?

hello omega air if your looking for that song it Eternal Return&#65374;Dragon's Dogma Main Theme&#65374;
the full version
around 2:20 it has the same word and sound that match with the video you look for
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