UR Gen. 72

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4 years ago#1
I know you well Dragon...
4 years ago#2
Gonna beat game.. (5th run!) to get into Post game again..

Sick of using darn Stone on Beach, -_-

"I'm Drench!!"

Then stop running in *************** water!!!
Mmmm Choco Cookies
(message deleted)
4 years ago#4
" Dragon, I'm at your side " ....
4 years ago#5
Please post when its up
4 years ago#6
Well, it's up :o
PSN: Ivajosh; GT: Ivajosh90
4 years ago#7
Ivajosh10 posted...
Well, it's up :o

Thank you ser
4 years ago#8
Sic 'em boys!!
PSN: paozo
4 years ago#9
Sod it! Going to give ol' online beastie a go!! :D
PSN madmitchell79 - DD Pawn is Mitchell (looks like me lol)
4 years ago#10
ok so I didn't die but i did SOD ALL damage to it

using blood lust etc on an assassin character and using heaven's key (only 1 star)

Damage output is 1377 and magick is 1214

i need more output!!! lol
PSN madmitchell79 - DD Pawn is Mitchell (looks like me lol)

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