Anything actually "worth" doing as the Seneschal? (Spoilers)

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park_bench posted...
That's sounds very harsh..
It seems God doesn't have much to do or contribute other than to cause complete and utter destruction on unsuspecting, innocent and vulnerable people.

You do realize the previous seneschal did that to you as well right? XD
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Aha, exactly! That's what you would think, but really, my main option right now is to run around. Quite hardly the ability to do "anything"
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Well as I said other than those stuff you're pretty much in a stand still until you get bored and stab yourself.

It is the last minutes of the game where you could do what you couldn't do without suffering the consequence of going to jail.

I actually don't mess with Cassardis most of my last minute antics are focused on Gran Soren and the guards for being jerks to you and believing that duke.
Its "Betty" you son of a pig! The name is "Betty" -Master Pain-
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Try and beat the brine with your newfound powers. I dare you to.
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You can go swimming with the sea monster-"The Brine"

but you'll still get your ass kicked, no god is mightier than The Brine!
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