Okay, mystic knight is sucking here. Where's the OPness everyone says about it?

#1gamer6879403333Posted 6/24/2012 7:01:17 PM
I just don't get it. I've mained as an assassin for 2 playthroughs, and a warrior for 1, this being my 4th playthrough. Anyway, I finally decided to give MK a go, set my character for it and everything (named her Valkyrie because it sounded like a great name for a MK), and... It's not working.

Perilous Sigil does barely any damage and just sends enemies flying, which burst strike does just as well, with more certainty and no cast time and for more damage, so that's pretty much useless for anything that isn't knocking a cyclops down over and over.

Magic cannon is just underwhelming. I heard such great things but, it's not that useful. It just shoots weak little blasts out that barely scratch saurians or cyclopses. It can't even be aim, so setting it up right up against a fallen cyclops doesn't even let me hit their eye even when it's 3 feet away. It's pretty much no better then the weak attacks of a staff, except it actually needs casting for the same effect. It's not even fun to use. It's just casting it, and slashing it over and over until its gone, repeat. Not very exciting at all. I was expecting something awesome, not staff attacks that need cast time and just standing in one place to attack with it.

The shield powers are crap too. Saurians are weak to fire, yet casting the fire shield and blocking them does just about nothing to them. Not igniting, no real damage. Not only that, it pretty much is just about turtling with it. Like with the cannon, that's not very fun, just standing in one place and letting the skill do the fight for you.

Also, I seem to do better when I'm not playing to the vocations "strengths". Setting up cannons, and sigils, and blocking with magic counters, it's all much slower and less efficient then just beating everything with the weapon. Playing the class like a pure fighter does better then trying to play as a MK. That's extremely stupid. The "mystic" part of mystics knights isn't being very useful at all. It really feels like I would be better off just making all my MK skills sword skills and just playing like a fighter with a different moveset.

Seriously... I'm not feeling it. Unless this vocation gets a lot better in the next few ranks, this whole playthrough will feel like one giant waste of time that I'll regret even bothering with. I mean, I am only rank 5, but striders by rank 5 were fun and awesome, assassins were fun and awesome by rank 5, fighter was fun and awesome by rank 5, and so was warrior. I would think by this rank, it should feel as good as the others at the same point, but this vocation at rank 5 is being more crap then all the other vocations at half that rank.

What the hell is going on? People say it's amazing, but it's seriously the worst vocation I've ever tried, in both fun and combat use.
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Your Magick sucks.
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Magic Cannon is based off the magick stat, so your Mk has low magic
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Yea your magic must suck bro, I can off a mf with one hit with great cannon
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magic Cannon Sucks. Great Cannon is the good one. Also you don't have Abyssal Anguish. In short max out a vocation and get actually good skills before you say it sucks. MK is underwhelming at first but they need certain skills and you have none of them. Also Perilous shines against Bosses not common rabble
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Well, you went from STR-based vocations to a Magic-based vocation and your magic stat is suffering. MK needs Magic to be effective.

Also, it's Ruinous Sigil and Great Cannon that is OP. You haven't upgraded them yet.

Once you do, combined with your Magic, it's fireworks of explosions and dead monsters.

Abyssal Anguish owns when you wanna get in there and melee.
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#7gamer6879403333(Topic Creator)Posted 6/24/2012 7:09:29 PM(edited)
My magic stat is not as good as a pure casters, but it does not suck. Without weapons equipped (base offensive stats), I have 150 strength, and 177 magic, at level 30. My magic is higher then my strength. Don't blame my character.

By the way, I evened it out. Yes, I started as a fighter for the defense and HP, but I made sure to level as a sorcerer for a bit afterward to get my magic stat well off again.
They shot a diamond made of iron at a car moving at 400 walls per hour-One of the dumbest sentences ever.
#8AsianSupermanPosted 6/24/2012 7:08:07 PM
By "Mystic Knight" you must be talking about your gaming skills, TC.
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You seem to be the type who likes melee combat. Get Abyssal Anguish skill later and you will be cutting thru geosurians like hot knife thru butter.
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Actually I agree.. I'm level 60 and was pretty underwhelmed.