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Outside of watching your own health/special bar, DMC/Bayo games focus almost entirely on reflex skill and memorization to complete. It's like training yourself to play a very fast song on guitar hero. The task is very basic in concept, but you have to practice, practice, practice to achieve your goal. On rare occassions, outside elements will come into play. (mainly camera angles or narrow/fading platforms) Bayonetta took this concept a bit further through the use of QTE (quick time events), which were questionable at best to enhance gameplay.

DeS/DS games are different. There are a multitude of factors to consider when playing the game. Stamina is a massive factor in the game- as well as potential threats such as status ailments (curse, poison, petrification, etc). The world is also constantly against you- either by a series of traps, confusing pathways, to traveling in areas you wouldn't be caught dead in. Your character isn't an overpowered demon god/angel hunter, you are a lowly and meek warrior that can be slain by a level 1 enemy. That's a huge difference. This would be like playing a much slower and delicate song on an actual instrument while someone is throwing knives at you.

Not one game is better than the other, in fact, all 3 series are great games- but they appeal to different audiences and take different types of skills to play. I've beaten games from all 3- and the Souls series definitely has more tactics- just not near as much fast paced gameplay or reflex skill- which is arguable harder to train at than to develop tactics.
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Kantonoso posted...
Dark Souls: You'll spin on a dime, attack the wrong direction, get hit in the back, and not roll. Oh, and spells are used like items.

I never had those problems...at all.......Never attacked the wrong direction and I always roll when I need to.

Also used to the spell idea as it's based in the older D&D rulebooks.
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Said it before and I'll say it again, save system is DS killed it for me. Loved the game, loved the combat, hated slogging through rats and skeletons just to get back to a boss. I didn't have the patience for that.
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id say get both souls games. Also people who complain about dark souls changes....stop being bad. I got through tomb of the giants on like, my second try lol. There was only one part in dark souls that i found annoying, and it was the silver knight archer part in anor londo. Overall i actually preferred the atmosphere in dark souls. I found that their was more diversity. Demons souls was great, but everything was so grey. And to those who said you can get the drake sword too early in dark souls, the same can be said about getting the DBS in demons souls. If anything you can get the DBS faster and easier than the drake sword...
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Dark Souls is a far far more difficult and lonely experience. It's not a bronze/iron age epic, it's more of a gothic horror fantasy. There are no classes or anything like that, it's more about playing the way you want to. A lot of people choose to join the Dark Souls community, because of the challenge and the tons of hidden items or forking adventures. Others choose to play it through several times and learn something new each time. The story itself is very dark and delves into some pretty bleak and desperate characters.

What it boils down to is that it's a very challenging gothic fantasy with a dark and indepth story and an exciting combat system. You are not rewarded for dying or grinding in the physical sense (as in many games give you an easy solution or skill/item that will help you through difficult battles) but instead are rewarded with the knowledge of why you died and how to avoid it in the future. The game is all about how you play it and what you can learn from your mistakes. If you aren't the kind of gamer that loves an experience like that, you won't like it. Fair warning, it is difficult (especially if you haven't played anything like it before) but the moment when you conquer that boss you thought was unbeatable or slay someone who has invaded your game, you feel like a real hero.

So watch some gameplay videos on YouTube and you should be able to gauge whether you would enjoy it or not. It's nothing like Skyrim either.
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I love how people completely ignore my "what about Monster Hunter" quote.

Also denial, not just a river in Egypt. How is pattern recognition in a Spectacle fighter any different than doing the exact same thing in Souls only with fewer herpderp instakills? Because the character controls like a 300lbs asthmatic? Am I missing something here?
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