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4 years ago#1
what im looking for:

apollos mask
dragon beards
red dragon scale
full abyssinal set
shadow greaves

what i have to offer:

all of the dlc armors
dark lorica
wounded heart 3 star
ascalon x2
bloody thistle
grisly skull
meloirean cyclops veil 3 star
sultry cowl
golden belt DF
steel cuirass 3 star
grisly bone armor
twilight manicae
jade bangles DF
exotic high boots
magnanimous cloak DF
nebula cape 1 star
PSN: inyoulikeinsulin
4 years ago#2
anyone...? lol
PSN: inyoulikeinsulin
4 years ago#3
Only thing I have is apolo mask but it's equipped & I like it :'(.
(this serves as a complimentary BUMP). . Good luck tho, hope u get what u want.
4 years ago#4
I think i've got an abyssinal set you can have. I will be on in a couple hours and will gift it to you then.
4 years ago#5
awesome! thank you! do you want anything in return?
PSN: inyoulikeinsulin
4 years ago#6
Nope, I'm good for gear, thanks for the offer though.
4 years ago#7
ok! thanks again!
PSN: inyoulikeinsulin
4 years ago#8
Dragon beards for DLC Hero Cape?
Don't wear anything that panics the cat.....
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4 years ago#9
farsighter2000 posted...
Dragon beards for DLC Hero Cape?

yeah that sounds good to me, add me on psn!
PSN: inyoulikeinsulin
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