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LF Siegfried's Mask

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User Info: grannas211

4 years ago#1
As title says,

I have:

Abyssinal Set
Apollo Mask
St. George's Mask DF
Dwells in Light
Talarian White
Dragon Band DF

User Info: densetsu_x

4 years ago#2
If you're still looking, I'll do it for the St. George Mask. The Siegfried is DFed as well.
PSN: Shiratori_x, Pawn: The Raven, Karasu (200)
PSN: Ladyhawke_3811, Pawn: The Mayor, Haggar (28 for now)

User Info: Soooo_not_good

4 years ago#3
Can I trade for your apollo mask if you need any thing else
Chillin' like a Villain
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