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4 years ago#1
does anybody need it? I can share a bit of information about most monsters loot that can be stolen and give some tips how to make stealing more efficient.
4 years ago#2
4 years ago#3
Wrong Board?

I don't recall being able to steal stuff from monsters
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4 years ago#4
randomdude0794 posted...
Wrong Board?

I don't recall being able to steal stuff from monsters

It's a Strider skill.
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4 years ago#5
I'd be curious to know more about it. I've practically never used the skill.
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4 years ago#6
I would love to see some info on the thief skill. I was wondering if that skill is viable and it would probably be a lot of fun to try that in NG+. Yeah, that would definitely inject a cool new playstyle into the game. Please share.
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4 years ago#7
densetsu_x posted...
randomdude0794 posted...
Wrong Board?

I don't recall being able to steal stuff from monsters

It's a Strider skill.

I see thanks I never knew...
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4 years ago#8
Some basics first - Pilfer / Master Thief is active dagger-based skill unique for Strider class. Pilfer is available on rank 6 and its advanced version Master Thief on rank 8.

Description says that it let you steal one item from foe, more effectively from sleeping, blinded or being held one. One item for Pilfer, multiples times for Master Thief. Plus for the last one you have better chances to get rare stuff.

Now lets talk about what description doesnt let you know and how to make your life easier if you wish to use Master Thief.

A little bit about targets:

Skill works on npc. They doesnt need to be blinded or being held.
Skill works on small/friendly monsters without debilitations as well. That means you dont need to blind spiders, snakes, bats, oxen, mouses, deer, boars etc to steal stuff from them. Just use it as is and be ready to fight.
Skill works on usual monsters (+bandits) extremely rare if they are not debilitated. So you need to get them cooked previously.

Number of items:

npc (not roaming pawns) - only money, no items
pawns and monsters (bandits as well) - 1 for pilfer, 2 for master thief
bosses - 1 for pilfer, 2+ for master thief

Array of items:

usually it is standard loot (without using skill) with better chances to get rare items PLUS unique items in the meaning of drop (you can only buy them, make them or find in chests)
still 'stealing' drop from monsters can miss items from usual drop - it is good to know if you need crafting materials only.

IMPORTANT: always keep in mind, that after successful theft monster drops nothing. No items, mo money. That means:
1) there is no sense to use prosperity items (like banker's periapt) to get money from monsters and Master Thief at the same time;
2) use master thief on bosses at the end of fight when mid-fight drop like tusks and horns are down already.
4 years ago#9
Now about how to make it works. Tricky thing is strider cant lull or blind or held and steal simultaneously. There are at least 3 possible solutions:

1) pawn-strider + supportive hero/pawn(s); the most difficult situation - works decent for usual monsters, doesnt work for small creatures, npc and bosses (pawns never use stealing on bosses), but it let you play other classes and steal at the same time. Possible classes for hero:

a) Mystic Knight hero with Sopor / High Sopor spell - cast it, use command Come to keep strider pawn close to you and pry he will use stealing on sleeping monsters;
b) Mage hero or pawn with Blearing / High Blearing spell - the same way;
c) Fighter pawn with Utilitarian as Primary inclination and any class for hero - knock down monster in any possible way, then use Come - Fighter pawn should hold and strider should steal from monster. Well, that is another inefficient way, but again it let you play any class.

IMPORTANT: in any case your strider need to be Utilitarian, that is a must; better if it is Guardian as well, to keep your pawns closer;

2) hero-strider + supportive pawn(s); that is much better way to steal. you need Mage with Blearing (better if it will be pure debuffer mage without Boons and Spellscreen) or/and Fighter to hold monsters; also there is a good way to force your fighter hold monster:

use strider skill Ensnare / Implicate to pull monster up and knock it down and use Come command - 90% probability that Figther-Utilitarian will hug the monster - that is your chance to use Master Thief; also from time to time your Fighter will grab distant foes as well - good to have some approaching skill like Cutting Wind ot Mad Dash to get closer. You have to remember that stealing works closely only.

3) special arrows - you can craft or buy blinder and sleeper arrows. that makes you quite a stand-alone thief but...
a) you need 5-10 arrows sometimes to lull or blind monster;
b) still you need to be close to target to use Master Thief after debilitation - that a bit hard to aim at close targets;
c) for some monsters, bosses especially debilitation pass quickly - pawn's spell in this case works much better;
d) you can kill weak targets - well, that is a real problem to keep them alive sometimes to let you use stealing; and finally
f) you need to carry a lot of arrows in inventory (about 1500 for the way from Gran Soren to Bluemoon Tower for example). Still in this manner you can steal from most bosses quite easy.

Altogether: if you like Strider class - use 2) + 3). If you dont - first one is for you.

Also keep in mind - if fight with some monsters is grueling, better forget about stealing until you will be ready to do all these manoeuvres without risk being killed

Info about stealing from specific monsters and some loot data next time.
4 years ago#10
btw, sorry for my english, hope the text is clear more or less.
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