Anyone willing to give/trade thier DLC weapons/armor?

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thanks bro. i will send the request when i get off work later on. i really appreciate it man! can't wait to test it out. is there anything that i may have that you may actually want?
my psn is kyuubi_clone and i will add you later today.

don't want anything,but you're always welcome to use my pawn...i will take yours for a spin later on when you add me ;-)

great! i'll look forward to it. what vocation should i change my pawn to in order to receive the items from you?

ranger,and i'll send a little extras ;-)
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will do. and, thanx agains bro. one day i'll join the hunt for the almighty Ur dragon with you guys on this site. one day.... hopefully sooner than later.
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I have the Divine Armor DLC. If you want anything from that DLC, just let me know. All I ask for in return is a mushroom for each item.

anything would be useful really. lol. i will send those shrooms for you. i have hundreds of those things in my inventory

Cool. I'll dress your pawn up real nice.
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