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4 years ago#11
c00lxd posted...
Maker's Finger is too ex for me to spam on the Ur-dragon.
In the middle of crafting all equipments to 3 stars and Dragonforging some of them to red

You can farm gold by killing the ur dragon offline and selling the weapons and 20 wakestones it drops.
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4 years ago#12
• It can be extremely frustrating trying to damage any of the hearts that aren't at ground level as a Warrior, and if he starts flying, there's not much you can do. If Warrior is your class of choice, you can still switch over to Assassin without fear of reducing your Warrior potential, because Assassin levels get you large Strength boosts (more than a Warrior even). Assassins can shoot the Ur Dragon, or climb it and use Hundred Kisses for rapid damage.

• The highest damage that can be dealt to the Online Ur Dragon has been demonstrated to be using an Assassin with a list of stat raising Augments—most particularly Bloodlust (which will vastly increase your damage at night. Just rest until night immediately before going after the Ur Dragon), and Autonomy (which will require you to be alone. Instead of having an option to give your main pawn the day off, it amused the sick people at Capcom to make it so you have to KILL your main pawn to get them out of your team. And then they added a highly desirable Augment like Autonomy. Twisted bastards...). Exhilaration also raises damage sharply for a Strength character. It requires being at critical health, which almost forces you to play as Assassin, because the Assassin has a dagger skill that makes you invisible and largely invulnerable to harm. With the right Augments, you can do more than 4 TIMES as much damage as you could deal without Augments.

• The 4 booster method mentioned above will more than double your damage, bringing it to more than 8 TIMES what you'd be dealing without Augments and the booster method. Tests showed that boosters like the periapts stack up to 4 at a time. If you are using a pure Strength weapon, just bring 36 Conquerer's Periapts and use them 4 at a time, re-applying them immediately whenever their timer runs out. If you are using an elemental weapon that deals a combination of physical and magical damage, then you should additionally bring 36 Demon's Periapts to boost your Magic in the same way.

• Hundred Kisses with an invisible Assassin is the fastest, easiest way to deal damage to the Ur Dragon (well, the Maker's Finger is, but aside from that). You just grab onto an unbroken heart and spam Hundred Kisses for continuous damage the entire fight (not very exciting, but effective). The main difficulty is that Invisibility uses up a lot of Stamina. Liquid Vim as mentioned above will stop all Stamina consumption for 45 seconds, so enough of them allow you to go the full fight without running out of Stamina. If you don't have enough (they're not easily replaceable), either 40 Mushroom Potages or 120 Large Mushrooms will get you through the entire fight. If money is tight, the Large Mushrooms, even in batches of 120, are very affordable.
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4 years ago#13
Still 10.7 ok
4 years ago#14
anyone hunting this guy atm?
4 years ago#15
10.2 over here. This gen seems roughly the same as the last from what i can tell. but then again i could be wrong considering this is my second online ur dragon hunt.
4 years ago#16
c00lxd posted...
Precision , Clout , Damping , Sinew , Trajectory , Ferocity
Team with 1 warrior 2 sorcerers

A str-based Ranger can be very effective spamming Tenfold.

That said-- I would recommend changing Damping, Trajectory and Precision to Bloodlust, Autonomy and Vehemence, and go alone at night, loading up on blast arrows. A great big male Ranger will carry more than the typical slender girl, too, though you'll be attending to your stamina proportinately more due to bigger body mass and slower stamina refresh rate.

You said that you can't afford MFs...it may be that doing rounds on the online will bankrupt you. Take on the offline for a while and build up your cash reserve first, as a solo round's curatives, periapts and blast arrows for the online can run you near a cool half-million in gold, and there is no return on your expenditure until its death. I haven't looked at the values of all the loot available upon a kill to work out the most optimal sales possible-- but there is a point of diminishing return that will arrive sooner than you might think.

For the offline and your party... The warrior is a tactical disadvantage as there is no range attack. Substitute Damping and Trajectory for Vehemence and Bloodlust, load your pawns with blast arrows for your use and give it a go at night. You should be able to shoot it entirely to death with no climbing; as an all str assassin, I did it at 56 on the PSN offline Ur just into the second round-- accompanied by one great big Ranger who was schlepping my arrows. I don't climb the offline as a rule because it drains more stamina proportionately than shooting like crazy.
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4 years ago#17
9.6 now. Somebody must be hard at work xD.
4 years ago#18
9.2 nowwwwwww
4 years ago#19
Dragon's Dogma gallery: http://imgur.com/a/72J6R
4 years ago#20
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