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4 years ago#61
4.0. I hate this Ur.
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4 years ago#62
3.7 here.
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4 years ago#63
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4 years ago#64
Its at about 1.2 right now. :D
4 years ago#65
:O well i guess its a good thing i didnt sleep in this morning then. When I went to bed last night it was 4.4. You guys put in some work on him in the short time I was away XD.
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4 years ago#66
Wow.. It went from 1.2.... to over 3. lol

Btw, this is my first online UR. Do they usually take 4 days to kill? lol
4 years ago#67
yeah i just got a 3.4 over here. :\ this dragon just doesnt want to die for some reason.
PSN Ren-Wrath
Pawn: Fayt
4 years ago#68
Hey, you dont happen to have an ascalon i could borrow? Id give it back after this was done with. Im using a dragonforged almace, (ice element), and then im holy enchanting it. But i would have alot more free time if i didnt have to enchant it over and over again before setting down great cannon. lol.
4 years ago#69
Unfortunately when it comes to great canon it only works with an enchantment that you activate if you have an enchanted weapon and throw down great cannon without activating a spell it'll come out normal.
4 years ago#70
fastest way is just to enchant it to level one instead of waiting for the orange bar to fill also because by the time your three canons run out the longer lasting enchantment will have also but the faster summoned one will last long enough to set up all three if you do it one after the other
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