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4 years ago#71
oh okay. That would make sense, because of difference in looks of the cannon. Yeah, my usual routine is to do holy enchant, then sigil, then 3 cannons. im getting pretty good at this. then just slamming sigils down under him if he gets too close.

i got 1.7 here.
4 years ago#72
Just rolled a 3.2.

Blew up his right back leg with a maker and pumped about 250 blast arrows into his left wing.

He flew off 3.1.
4 years ago#73
Should we use makers? I thought there was a problem with using them?
4 years ago#74
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4 years ago#75
Just got a 2.6
4 years ago#76
Just fought a 1.4.
4 years ago#77
Took about 6 tries but I finally found a 1.2.
4 years ago#78
doesnt going in and out like that heal him though?
4 years ago#79
So just had a 3.2 so where do we stand on the average life he has left and also how much tinge would it take to finish, lastly Anthony know exactly how long the gp last total
4 years ago#80
I just fought a 1.2. So i guess average is gonna be in the 2's? Which gives us how long till we kill it? and doesnt GP last 30 minutes each time? Or is there a way to tell how long?
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