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I've had enough - it is time to call out some cheaters

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4 years ago#1
I am starting this thread because quite frankly I've had enough with certain individuals on these forums who have essentially undermined my hard work and my efforts to organize fun things for this community.

Some of you perhaps might be wondering why there is a pawn set to private sitting at #1 in the rankings for about a day now. The pawn, Karasu, belongs to densetsu_x, who used to frequent these boards a while ago. Densetsu_x and I were once pursuing top spot in the rankings since August, and a few months ago when Karasu was at #2 and Arianne, my pawn, was at #3, densetsu pulled out of the race claiming that his save file corrupted.

A month later after Arianne amassed about four thousand hires (but was still far away from Violet at #1), Karasu (set to private) started appearing at random postions in the rankings, climbing the ranks each time. Karasu eventually appeared at #3 right behind Arianne, and then in a span of a couple of hours she passed Arianne. Then in a span of 48 hours, she passed Violet and gained the #1 spot.

Densetsu claimed that he found a copy of a save file close to the save file that got corrupted (how lucky) and then got a few “friends” together who helped boost his pawn over the span of those 48 hours. Then he claimed that after Karasu passed Violet he and his “friends” gave Karasu a “cushion”.

The story was already hardly believable at that point, because aside from the challenge of even finding that many Dragon's Dogma playing friends who were willing to do little but grind for days for another person, it would be hardly reasonable to believe that densetsu could amass over 8000 hires in such a short period of time (which is what it would have taken from the point where his save file corrupted to the point where Violet was). Note that the best densetsu did in a day up to that point was under 1000 hires, and that's with help to boot.

Densetsu took Karasu down eventually, but now she's back, with over 40,000 hires (this has been verified and documented today, in preparation for a complaint that will be sent soon). It's pretty blatant at this point that densetsu hacked his save file and tried to make it seem as if he reached #1 legitimately.

So now the question is: why are we seeing Karasu at #1 again? It appears that densetsu has removed everyone on his friend list, and has set the pawn to private so no one can rent her. The timing coincides with something that has happened in the past 2 days. Either densetsu is trying to bait me to hack Arianne back to the #1 spot (ain't gonna happen dude), or this is some sort of retribution for calling out his friend flik101 in a private communication. Well, since densetsu's actions have ticked me off today, I will instead release the contents of that private communication. It's high time they are made known anyway.

(continued next post)
Celeste, Level 200 Strider, Ranked #5 (PSN: Sellomar)
Arianne, Level 200 Ranger, Ranked #1 (PSN: dice1221)
4 years ago#2
Last Tuesday, Persephone (who was at #4 at that time) passed Lady Scatha, flik101's pawn, who was sitting at #3 for a long time. This was quite stunning, because flik has been boasting for quite a while that Lady Scatha has been receiving pretty unbelievable hires (90-100 hires daily was his recent boast). The only problem is that Persephone was at 9800 hires when she passed Lady Scatha, and Lady Scatha about two months ago was around 7500 hires. Simple arithmetic indicates that Scatha's daily hires were not even close to what flik claimed they were. Flik even tried to bolster his claims with pictures of his hires, but I can explain later why that isn't proof, especially if he posts them in this thread in his defence.

So, Persephone passing Lady Scatha obviously presented a huge problem for flik, and he must have realized that this would expose him for a complete fraud. I was stunned myself when Persephone so easily caught up to and passed Lady Scatha, but I already knew at this point that flik already cheated in two of my contests (the prettiest pawn contest and the best outfit contest) by soliciting hires via pm. Flik seems so desperate to convince the community that Lady Scatha is an amazing pawn and very popular to boot that he's willing to commit fraud and screw up my efforts to do something fun for the community here. I've even received pms from people stating that they weren't going to participate in any future contests in which Lady Scatha was in, and I hardly blame them at this point.

So the moment Persephone passed Lady Scatha, flik immediately started boosting her. Lady Scatha passed Persephone a short while later, and over the next three days Persephone amassed 800 hires and yet couldn't pass Lady Scatha. I asked flik what Lady Scatha was averaging, and he claimed she was getting 100-150 hires daily (an even greater exaggeration compared to what he claimed in the forums) over that three day period. I asked him if he was grinding and he vehemently denied it, stating he was busy with school.

Now flik was clearly lying here because if what he said was true then Persephone would have passed Lady Scatha again. I decided to start uploading Arianne's past save files to determine how many hires Lady Scatha actually amassed (I can pinpoint where any pawn is below Arianne this way). I discovered that Lady Scatha in fact amassed around 1400-1700 hires over the three days.

If we are to take flik at his word (and who the hell knows at this point what's true and what's a lie), then flik has boosted Lady Scatha through save file hacking. How else can we account for such a massive number of hires that Lady Scatha got?

Flik claimed previously that he was still keeping in touch with densetsu, so I contend that densetsu, who inadvertently outed himself as a rank hacker today, helped him do it.

Not only that, but Lady Scatha has subsequently received more massive boosts. Celeste, who has been receiving lots of Rift Store hires managed to get to over 12300 hires and still couldn't take Lady Scatha down. I then turned to Arianne's past save files to get a better idea where Lady Scatha was, and it appears that Lady Scatha already has over 13500 hires.

(continued next post)
Celeste, Level 200 Strider, Ranked #5 (PSN: Sellomar)
Arianne, Level 200 Ranger, Ranked #1 (PSN: dice1221)
4 years ago#3
In other words, that's a gain of 3500 hires over a span of 5 days, which is quite the remarkable feat for a pawn supposedly averaging 100-150 hires daily. Now whether flik hacked rank or whether he was merely grinding all along isn't the central issue for me. The reason I'm exposing him for the fraud that he is, and has been for the longest time, is because I've had enough with his cheating and screwing up my past contests, and now messing with the Rift Store - there is little point in running the Rift Store, which is hard work, when the pawn you're chasing is constantly keeping ahead through file manipulation while the owner boasts to the community how amazing his pawn is. Furthermore, I tend to have a major problem with people claiming that they are a friend, and yet blatantly lying to me and insulting my intelligence on top of that.

I was supposed to launch the Ultimate Pawn Contest this week-end, and instead I have to deal with this garbage. Well, I simply have had enough.

This is an official warning to both cheaters that I will be sending a complaint to SEN/Capcom for rank hacking. We don't have to tolerate this kind of garbage on the PS3. The XBOX360 is badly infested with such lamers – we don't need that here. Capcom did actually do something about the XBOX360 rank hacking at the beginning, so there is a chance they'll do something about it here.
Celeste, Level 200 Strider, Ranked #5 (PSN: Sellomar)
Arianne, Level 200 Ranger, Ranked #1 (PSN: dice1221)
4 years ago#4
I understand what you have a problem with, but why does it matter at this point?
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4 years ago#5
Never thought rankings would be taken this seriously.
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4 years ago#6
I don't blame you for being upset at all. That's pretty crappy that they would do that.

Maybe if enough people contact Capcom through Twitter/Facebook etc. - they'll act quicker to rectify the situation.
4 years ago#7
Orochi_Lede posted...
Never thought rankings would be taken this seriously.

Ikr I'm no where near the top with any of my pawns and I've already ran out of things to spend RC on, so why would anyone care about rank. Everyone is already aware it's about manipulating rents with advertisements, gifts, and friends. There's no need to sweat it.
PSN: JoshD8705
4 years ago#8
while the owner boasts to the community how amazing his pawn is.

i had to laugh at this part, this game is quite simplistic, in a way that no one pawn is "amazing" most "top" ranked pawns are basically mirror copies of each other, and anyone, even someone who has only played this game for 2 weeks can copy the exact same spells/abilites. and overly common abyssinal sets that they all wear, even my sorcerer pawn at level 60 had almost the same magic stat the "top" ranked ones did, the only obvious difference was the level 200 and slightly more defense/hp which at a certain point matters very little except to not get one shotted by online UR dragon.

There is no uniqueness in pawns in this game other then the speech you choose for them and looks. everything else is the same. it's just false pride.

rankings are and will forever remain pointless, useless and only serve to keep one interested in this game. Now if you enjoy bothering with them, that's you, that's great. and you give away items just for someone to boost your rank, i think that is pretty nice (but it looks like you are stoping now because you are mad at rankings, hmm)

but in the end. it's just pointless. unless you get some special, exclusive treat or prize for being in the top ranking, no one should care this much about it. it is a terrible system that should have been fixed a long time ago (wow, you can 5 star rank someone the moment you hire and release them 2 seconds later)

again, i am NOT flaming you or insulting for dealing with the rankings, but this kind of anger is highly unnecessary.
(message deleted)
4 years ago#10
I imagine anyone that worked really hard to achieve something, and was then apparently cheated out of it, has a justifiable reason to be upset.
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